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Professional and Graduate Staff

Photo of Afton Rodriguez

Afton Rodriguez

Seattle University
Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, Minors in Spanish Language and Business Administration

Graduate Coordinator, Leadership and Government
Leadership Programs: Leadership Application, iLead, Red Night Out

Phone: (206) 296-6044

Building/Room: STCN 360

My passion for working with students comes from of working as a Resident Assistant where I loved being able to work with students in a way where they are encouraged to explore and interact with each other, and themselves in wonderful new ways. For this reason, I am so excited to be working in the CSI office, specifically in empowering the leader in every student! Though I am originally from Denver, Colorado, I have found a home here in Seattle over the last six years and when I'm not in the office, you can catch me kayaking, crafting, and karaoke-ing!

Photo of Alyssa Munoz

Alyssa Munoz

The University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Arts in English, Minor in Business Foundations

Graduate Coordinator, Leadership and Government
SGSU Advisor

Phone: (206) 296-2633

Building/Room: STCN 360

A Latina and Longhorn at heart, I grew up on Texas salsa and moved to Seattle for the trees. I love learning and community-building, and supporting folx in their own growth. Ask me about reality TV shows or what it's like living in a vegan house! I always enjoy meeting new faces, so feel free to drop by the CSI space anytime. We can chat about ways to get involved on campus or daydream about carbs. Excited to see you on campus! 

Photo of Angel Asuncion-Reed

Angel Asuncion-Reed

Assistant Director, Clubs and Leadership
Club recognition, support, and guidance

Phone: (206) 296-6046

Building/Room: STCN 350C

Born in the Manila, Philippines and raised near the 105 & 710 freeways in Los Angeles. Educated in California with degrees in History, Media Studies, and Women’s Studies. She has been working in the field of higher education close to 15 years; nine of those at Seattle University in the Division of Student Development.  When she interviewed her eight-year-old son recently and asked him if your mom becomes famous, what will it be for? Mateo answered Momma will be Super Cooker. Angel would like to be known for feeding family, friends, colleagues, and students and always asking them what is it that makes you hungry.

Photo of Bernie Liang

Bernie Liang

Master of Arts, Student Development Administration, Seattle University
Bachelor of Science, Business Logistics, Penn State University

Director, Center for Student Involvement

Phone: 206-296-6038

Building/Room: STCN 360A

I was born and raised in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, college-educated at Penn State, and got my master's degree at Seattle University where I've now worked for over 10 years.  With a background in residence life/student leadership and rooted in principles of inclusion and equity, I am proud to work with our team to provide a wide variety of options for students.  Whether you're just beginning your leadership journey or see us as another stop along the way, I hope that you will take advantage of everything SU has to offer.  

Some other stuff to know about me:

  • I have 3 anniversaries with my partner:  (1) when we first started dating, (2) our commitment ceremony date, and (3) our official wedding date
  • Our dog, Sybil, was named after a character in Downton Abbey, one of our favorite shows at the time
  • I'm a first-generation college student (in the US) and come from a multi-ethnic, immigrant Asian household
  • I spend too much time on YouTube doing "research"
  • If I were to be famous for something else, it would be music production (which I can't do...)
Photo of Bianca Galam

Bianca Galam

Saint Martin's University
Bachelors in Business Administration, Minor in Religious Studies

Graduate Coordinator, Events and Traditions
Dance Marathon Advisor
Club Support

Phone: (206) 296-5436

Building/Room: STCN 350

I am a graduate student in the Student Development Administration program at Seattle U. I completed my undergraduate studies at Saint Martin’s University, where I received my Bachelors in Business Administration with a minor in Religious Studies. My involvement as an undergraduate included being an active member and leader in various cultural organizations and a student activities coordinator. Prior to graduate school, I spent several years as an executive assistant, fundraising event coordinator, and marketing coordinator.

My hometown is Kihei, HI, but I have lived in Washington for over 10 years. When I’m not on campus or studying, you can find me teaching (or taking) barre3 fitness classes, enjoying a meal with friends and family, or devouring ice cream.

Photo of Nayland Olsen

Nayland Olsen

Idaho State University
Bachelor of Arts, American Studies

University of South Carolina
Master of Education, Higher Education & Student Affairs

Associate Director, Events & Traditions
Advisor to SEAC, Dance Marathon, Redzone
Tradition Events

Phone: (206) 296-6238

Building/Room: STCN 350A

As a first-generation college student, I benefitted greatly from mentorship and opportunities for engagement on campus. As such, my career in Student affairs had been about getting students involved. I was in Residence Life for several years and came to SU and the Center for Student Involvement in 2014. I really enjoy my work with and for the students of Seattle University. Other jobs in the past include door-to-door sales, lifeguarding, retail and academic advising. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, running, painting, Netflix and music. I have a really cute 10 year old pup called Eliot.  I am all about helping to create a sense of community and pride among the Seattle U community. If you want to talk about tradition events, involvement, and getting the most out of your college experience, I am your guy.

Photo of Michelle Harper Kowalczyk

Michelle Harper Kowalczyk

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education

Colorado State University
Master of Science, Student Affairs in Higher Education

Assistant Director, Leadership & Government
SGSU and GSC Advisor
Leadership Programs: Leadership Application, iLead, Red Night Out

Phone: (206) 296-2847

Building/Room: STCN 360B

I want to share that I never saw myself as a “leader” until I went to college and a mentor saw the potential in me. I want to help students to see the leadership potential that exists inside every one of them. As students, you all have the capacity to create change where they are—and thus all have the capacity to be a leader.

I also love mountains, hiking, rock climbing, trying new foods, and peanut butter.

Photo of Sydney Lobosco

Sydney Lobosco

University of Delaware
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Organizational/Community Leadership

Graduate Coordinator, Events and Traditions
SEAC and Redzone Advisor

Phone: (206) 296-2630

Building/Room: STCN 350

Native to the great state of New Jersey, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to live in Seattle and study Student Development Administration here at Seattle University. While earning a BA in Psychology and Organizational/Community Leadership from the University of Delaware, I received mentorship, care, and leadership training that helped shape how I move through the world today. My goal is to pay that experience forward to students I interact with, have fun, and do work that provides dignity to all people. Outside of the office, I have been employed as a Fun Specialist, Barista at a cat café, and a mascot performer! I love drinking coffee, watching documentaries, hiking, and working on craft projects too. Come by STCN and let’s connect!

Student Involvement Ambassadors (SIAs)

Photo of Adilia Watson

Adilia Watson

Graduation Year: Class of 2021
Majors: Biology/ Environmental Science
Clubs: Black Student Union and SU Debate Union

Student Involvement Assistant (SIA)

Phone: (206) 296-6465

Building/Room: STCN 350

I am from Stockton, CA and excited to get a new life started in the big city. I love reading and music, so catch me singing or with a book in my hand!

Photo of Chung-Jen Chen

Chung-Jen Chen

Graduation Year: 2020
Major: Accounting
Clubs: Internal Auditing Club, Anime Appreciation Club, Seattle Chinese Meetup (this one is a non-school organization)

Student Involvement Ambassador (SIA)

Phone: (206) 296-6465

Building/Room: STCN 350

I was born in Taiwan and moved to Tacoma since the age of 10. I transferred to Seattle University from Tacoma Community College as a Criminal Justice major, and decide to change to Accounting Major after my first year here. This is my second year here at SIA, and I really fall in love with what we do here, and am grateful for the interaction with all the staffs and the student leaders. I also know lot of good places to eat in the international district, so feel free to come and ask me.

Photo of Kelly Vosper

Kelly Vosper

Graduation year: 2021
Major: Pre-Major

Student Involvement Ambassador (SIA)

Phone: (206) 296-6465

Building/Room: STCN 350

From always sunny California to sometimes rainy Washington.  This is my second year at SU and working as a SIA, and I would highly encourage you to get involved in whatever way works for you! (Stop by the office and ask us how to get involved).  In my free time I love going to the gym and getting outside or just staying in and watching Netflix.  I have also been exploring my creativity by watercoloring, reading, and writing.  Bring your dog by the office if you’re in the building so I can pet them!

Photo of Kendyl Puhan

Kendyl Puhan

Graduation year: June 2019
Majors/Minors: Communication and Media with specializations in Communication studies and Strategic Communication
Clubs/Orgs: Student Executive Council (Communication Department Rep), Communication Department Alumni Ambassador

Student Involvement Ambassador (SIA)

Phone: (206) 296-6465

Building/Room: STCN 350

Growing up in Bellingham, WA and coming to Seattle for college means I traded lush green forests for tall skyscrapers and busy streets, but I have grown to love both! I am currently a senior studying Communication and Media, and I am passionate about all things PR and communication-related. This is my third year as a SIA, and I love getting to help students get involved on campus. When I’m not in class, studying, or at work, I can be found reading, petting dogs at the dog park, or playing intramural sports. I'm excited to provide support to clubs & organizations this year and I look forward to seeing you in our office!

Photo of Samantha Mutoni

Samantha Mutoni

Graduation year: 2021
Major: Civil Engineering

Student Involvement Assistant (SIA)

Phone: (206) 296-6465

Building/Room: STCN 350

Heyyy! This is my first year as a SIA in the involvement office and I love it already. I love my tv shows and hanging out with my friends, eating and singing in my free time.