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Professional Staff

Photo of Marissa Robledo

Marissa Robledo

Master of Education, Higher Education, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Bachelor of Arts, History, San Diego State University

Director, Leadership & Government
Advisor to RedhawkTHON, SGSU & GSC
Pronouns: she/her

Phone: (206) 296-2847

Building/Room: STCN 360B

Marissa is a SoCal baby - born and raised in El Centro, California. From a young age, she knew she wanted to follow in her mothers footsteps and work as an educator. If you had asked Marissa in her early twenties, she would have confidently told you she was going to be a High School US History teacher. Plans quickly changed when she found her passion in higher education/student involvement. For the last 7 years, Marissa lived in Las Vegas, Nevada - working primarily in campus activities and campus life development. She is enthusiastic to join the Seattle University team and work closely with SGSU, GSC and leadership programming. Marissa is a huge student first advocate and looks forward to building connections with the students of Seattle U.

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Photo of Angel Asuncion-Reed

Angel Asuncion-Reed

Assistant Director, Involvement
Club Support and Guidance
Pronouns: she/her

Phone: (206) 296-6046

Building/Room: STCN 350C

I was born in Manila, Philippines and raised near the 105 & 710 freeways in Los Angeles. I am a proud immigrant mother  of a 12 year-old and proud of my student identities as a transfer, commuter, and adult-learner that is so much a part of my story. Educated in California with degrees in History, Media Studies, and Women’s Studies, I have worked in for-profit companies, institutional archives, and community advocacy work. I have been working in the field of higher education, close to 20 years; 14 of those at Seattle University in the Division of Student Development. I consider myself a lifelong learner and recently completed a Master in Couples and Family Therapy Program at SU. I believe that in our distinctive identities,  backgrounds, and unique life experiences as individuals and within our communities, we all, especially SU students, contribute to our institution’s learning landscapes. I feel they nourish us in the deepest and most intrinsic ways; forming and forging leadership rooted in humanity.

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Photo of Rachel Leong-Sato

Rachel Leong-Sato

Master of Science, College Counseling and Student Development – Azusa Pacific University
Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Communication - George Fox University

Assistant Director, Involvement
Club Support and Guidance
Advisor to SEAC & RedZone
Pronouns: she/her

Phone: (206) 296-6238

Building/Room: STCN 350A

I was born on the East Coast, raised on O’ahu and educated on the West Coast with studies in Organizational Communication, Sociology, College Counseling and Student Development. My passions lie in serving marginalized populations through equitable and inclusive practices, always asking “who are we excluding?”. Holistic student development to care for the intersectional individual was instilled in me by my mentors in undergrad, and I hope to be able to do the same for others.

Outside of the office, you can find me in coffee shops, sushi restaurants, humming musical theatre or basking in the sun (when it decides to make its appearance in Seattle!).

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Graduate Staff

Photo of Andrew Page

Andrew Page

Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, History & Political Science, Greenville University

Graduate Coordinator, Student Government & RedhawkTHON
Pronouns: he/him

Phone: (206) 296-2633

Building/Room: STCN 360

I was born in the farmlands of Missouri, attended Greenville University in Illinois, and am a second-year graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Seattle University. Driven by compassionate and intentional living, I am excited to join the Seattle University team and the opportunity to work with SGSU. In my spare time, you can find me playing ultimate frisbee or walking up a mountain. 

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Photo of Ciera (Cici) Simon

Ciera (Cici) Simon

Masters in Strategic Communication in Leadership, Belmont University

Graduate Coordinator, Leadership Programs

Phone: (206) 296-6044

Building/Room: STCN 360

I was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma where I received my undergrad in strategic communications at the University of Central Oklahoma. After graduating, I made the move to Nashville, TN where I received my Masters in Strategic Communication in Leadership at Belmont University. Now, I am pursuing a second Masters in the SDA program here at Seattle U, overall as a first generation college student. Education has been one of my biggest passions, and now I’m here to apply that experience to incoming students in higher education. I strive to always create a better understanding for others with intentionality and compassion as I look forward to bringing that same energy to Seattle University, this team and it’s students! Outside of work, I enjoy making music, thrifting and finding the best coffee shop, adding to my vinyl collection and cuddling my cats.

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Photo of Jules Loeffer

Jules Loeffer

Masters of Social Work, anticipated 2024. Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

My name is Jules and I'm a MSW student here at Seattle University. I recently earned a Bachelor's in Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Miami University, and now I'm continuing my education to eventually become a school social worker. Throughout my undergrad, I was involved with several student organizations, and helped student leaders learn more about how to create and run their own clubs. I love getting to work with fellow students to grow leadership skills and plan killer events. I don't think any issue is too hard to solve, and I'm more than happy  to help where I can! When I'm not in class or at work, you can find me at your local game store playing board games, or on my couch playing the latest farming sim or Pokémon game or delving into yet another season of 90 Day Fiancé.

Photo of Nhat (Lewis) Nguyen

Nhat (Lewis) Nguyen

Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA), anticipated 2024

Graduate Coordinator, RedZone

Phone: (206-296-2630

Building/Room: STCN 360

I'm an PMBA student with a passion for outdoor activities. Originally from Vietnam, I came to the US in 2014. With a love for hiking, camping, kayaking, and other outdoor pursuits, I enjoy spending time in nature. I have a "special talent" for performing fun magic tricks. Feel free to reach out and experience some exciting magic tricks firsthand! 

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Student Involvement Ambassadors (SIAs)

Photo of Alice Umutoni

Alice Umutoni

Graduation Year: 2024
Major: Computer Science
Clubs: African Student Association

Student Involvement Ambassador (SIA)
Pronouns: she/her

Phone: (206) 296-6465

Building/Room: STCN 350

I was born and grew up in Rwanda. I love playing basketball, singing, and making new friends!