ConnectSU is expanding! 

In Fall of 2021 ConnectSU will be adding more options to learn about campus events, clubs, organizations, news, and more.  In addition to the many functions available on the website, the ConnectSU brand will now include weekly news emails, a rebranded Hub Desk, helpful apps, social media sites, and, of course, the ConnectSU website. 

Together, this ecosystem of communication platforms will help our campus communicate important information and engagement opportunities to all.  

The ConnectSU Ecosystem


The ConnectSU Hub is the place for you to go to ask questions, get advice, and learn more about all things happening on campus.  


A weekly email that outlines upcoming information, event dates, jobs, and more.  Did you miss one?  Check out all of the past news articles here.


The ConnectSU website serves as the main source of information for all things events, service, news, and more.  

Social Media

Follow ConnectSU on social media for even more ways to get involved on campus!  We're  on Instagram (@connectsu_) and Facebook (SeattleUConnectSU).  


Get the Corq app and get all of the ConnectSU website information you need on your smartphone.