Recent Code Updates

Updates to the Code for 2017-18

The Code of Student Conduct is updated from time-to-time to ensure its alignment with best practices as well as legal and regulatory requirements.  Minimal updates were made to the Code of Student Conduct for the 2017-18 academic year and were effective July 17, 2017. Proposed changes were reviewed by the Chair of the Code of Conduct Review Committee and the Vice President for Student Development prior to publication. 

Key updates reflected in the current version include:

General: Updates to department names, staff names and titles, and department locations. 

Extricated--Policy 3.1.4 (Under 21 in Presence of Alcohol):  This policy was previously part of policy 3.1.3 (Alcohol). 

Added--Policy 3.3.3 (Violation of Section 4.6): This policy refers students accused of a violation of the University’s sexual misconduct policies to Section 4.6.

Clarified—Policy 3.6.1 (Tampering):  The word “locks” was added to this policy.

Clarified--Section 5, Paragraph 4: The Office of the Dean of Students will send official communications regarding student conduct matters exclusively through SU email. 

Terminology--Section 5.1:  “Advisors” are now referred to as “Supporters”.

Terminology—Section 5.1: “Conduct Officers” are now referred to as “Conduct Administrators”.

Changed—Section 5.2.1:  Appeal requests are due within 3 calendar days (previously 3 business days).  This change was made to ensure that all students have an equal amount of time within which to file an appeal request. 

Added—Section 5.4: Added a timeframe within which the University will endeavor to resolve all complaints (60 days).