Dean of Students


Supporting Our Students

Welcome to your Seattle University Experience! As a Catholic and Jesuit University, Seattle University is a learning community that values the dignity and worth of all persons. Consistent with its values, the University fosters the respect needed for students to live, work, study, and socialize together as a community. All members of the University community are expected to observe standards that reflect personal accountability and responsibility for the common good; demonstrate regard for the safety, security and health of others; maintain the atmosphere needed for study and reflection; showing respect for individuals; and valuing truthfulness and personal integrity. This website will provide helpful information about our University Policies, Redhawk Commitment and Code of Conduct, Integrity Formation Process and Students of Concern Committee for parents, students, faculty and staff. You will also find useful links to programs and services offered through other departments in the Division of Student Development. We are committed to the well being of all students that attend the University. Our goal is to provide you with information related to the Seattle University student experience. Please contact us, if the answers you seek are not available here. Rev. Darrell L. Goodwin, Dean of Students Supporting Our Students Seattle University is committed to our students-their academic success, health, safety, and happiness. At times, university life can be very, challenging. If you have concerns that a student you know is in trouble, or feel you yourself are in need of support, the staff in the Office of Student Development is a good place to turn to for help. The Dean of Students coordinates the University's Students of Concern Committee (SOCC). SOCC reflects the University's mission of educating the whole person by providing collaborative inter-departmental care & education for students who are experiencing difficulties that compromise their success at Seattle University. For more information, or to seek out assistance, please contact Darrell Goodwin, Dean of Students, at 206-296-6060.