Our Jesuit tradition of intellectual, moral, spiritual, and social development is the foundation of the mission of Integrity Formation. We aim to provide all students with the tools needed for success in a pluralistic society by providing feedback about behaviors that both enhance and harm the academic community, as well as assistance and opportunities in modifying unacceptable behaviors. As a Jesuit and Catholic institution, we hold our students to the highest standard of ethical behavior both on- and off-campus.


The mission of Integrity Formation is to cultivate a safe, academically-focused community that fosters student success and engagement. We ask students to take ownership of their choices and provide educational opportunities and resources that foster personal growth, repair harm, rebuild trust, and strengthen each student’s relationship with the university.


We will provide a transformational experience that encourages students’ individual accountability, growth and reflection, care for the community, and ethical development.


Our purpose of Integrity Formation is to:

  • Provide a prompt, fair, and equitable process for the accountability of student conduct
  • Educate students about their rights and responsibilities
  • Encourage the safety, health, and wellness of the campus community
  • Promote the development of individual integrity
  • Uphold the non-academic rules and regulations of the University
  • Guide students toward achieving their academic, personal, and professional goals.