Student Conduct Records

Retention of Records

According to procedures established by the Dean of Students or their designee, the Office of the Dean of Students will maintain files on all conduct reports, records, and hearing proceedings. Conduct records are generally maintained for seven years from the date of the final disposition of a case.  Records related to suspension, dismissal, and sexual misconduct are retained permanently. 

Notification & Release of Information 

The Office of the Vice President for Student Development is responsible for releasing information about student conduct cases, and any release of information will comply with the requirements of FERPA and University policy.  The Office of the Vice President for Student Development will inform university officials, including specific faculty or staff, about a students' involvement in a conduct case in those instances where the University official has a legitimate educational interest in knowing such information.  By way of example, this may include but is not limited to the Office of the Provost, deans, academic administrators, faculty advisors, financial aid, ROTC, athletics, coaches, public safety, student clubadvisors, scholarship committees, study abroad, Center for Service and Community Engagement, Housing and Residential Life or Counseling and Psychological Services.

Names Not Released.  Names of students being investigated or charged with Code violations will not be released, except permitted by law or University policy.

Notification of Parents/Guardians.  As part of a sanction, under circumstances permitted by FERPA, parents/guardians of a student may be notified when a student under the age of 21 is in violation of the Alcohol and Drug Policy and/or is placed on disciplinary probation, any form of suspension, or dismissed from the University.

Professional References .  Students applying for jobs, certification, or graduate programs in certain fields, professions or industries may be required to disclose whether they have been charged with or found responsible for a violation of the University's Code of Conduct.  Upon the written consent of the student or as permitted by law, the University will respond truthfully to all such official inquiries.

Request Disciplinary Records

Request Disciplinary Records

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