Appeal Process

Respondents found to have violated the Code of Student Conduct may appeal online to the Dean of Students or their designee by following the procedures described in Section 3.3 of the Code of Student Conduct.

Summary of Appeal Process

  • Appeals must be submitted by 3:30pm on the fifth business day after the decision letter is issued.
  • Students must login using Seattle University credentials to submit the appeal online. If the online appeal form is unavailable, a written appeal can be submitted in-person to Student Center 140 or emailed to
  • When an incident involves multiple Respondents, each individual Respondent wishing to appeal must submit their own, individual appeal letter.
  • Appeals must meet at least one of the criteria detailed in Section 3.3 of the Code of Student Conduct.
  • The following actions may be taken:
    • Affirm the decision and/or sanctions
    • Modify the decision and/or sanctions
    • Dismiss the charge(s) in whole or in part
    • Conduct or direct further investigation or inquiry
    • A combination of the actions specified above 

Appeals are typically resolved within 30 days following receipt of the written appeal request. University appeal decisions are final. 

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Acceptable Grounds for Integrity Formation Appeals

Significant Procedural Error

A procedural error occurred that significantly impacted the decision. A description of the error and its impact on the decision of the case must be included in the written appeal.

New Information

New information has been discovered that was not available or known to the appealing party during the student conduct process and the new information could substantially impact the findings (Note: If a student chooses not to attend a hearing, their testimony or documentary or tangible information may not be considered “new evidence” for the purpose of an appeal).

Substantially Disproportionate Sanctions

The sanctions imposed were substantially disproportionate to the violation(s).

This information is presented as a summary only. A complete description of the appeals process can be found in Section 3.3 of the Code of Student Conduct. Students found in violation of a policy related to sexual misconduct should visit the Office of Institutional Equity for more information.