BSCS '17

Alan Yu, Technical Program Manager, Microsoft Azure SQL

"I was really interested in the Seattle University curriculum; especially with their emphasis on industry and also very project centered classes."

BSCS '17


Our department offers three Bachelor of Science (BSCS) degrees and a Bachelor of Arts (BACS) degree in Computer Science. BSCS students have the option of specializing in Business or Mathematics. BACS students have the option of combining with another disciplinary area, effectively customizing their degree as “CS + X”. Qualified students have the option of an accelerated path toward a Master’s degree in Computer Science with just one extra year.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)

  • BSCS - 4-Year Program
  • BSCS - Mathematics Specialization
  • BSCS - Business Specialization

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science (BACS)

  •  BACS - 4-Year Program

Fast Track BS/MS

  • BSCS and MSCS - 5-Year Program

Prospective Students

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A stacked Bar Graph showing SeattleU's Inclusive Diversity versus the National Average

*URM in CS National Average: Underrepresented Minorities who received a Computer Science Bachelors in 2016 per