Master of Science in Computer Science

The Master of Science in Computer Science program offers a curriculum based on theoretical foundations and practical applications. The program is designed for computing professionals seeking advanced study in computer science. Full-time students can complete the program in five quarters. The program also accommodates part-time students, who can complete the program in three years.

The curriculum includes required advanced courses in core areas of computer science while remaining flexible to meet your needs and interests. The MSCS program gives you three unique options to supplement your learning.

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MSCS General Option

The general option allows students to choose three electives to develop a solid, broad foundation in computer science and software engineering as it fits your passions and academic goals.  There are two variations with the MSCS general option:

  • Course Only Option: Student take a fourth elective course and a seminar that explores state-of-the-art technology advances in computer science.  
  • Research Project Option: Under the supervision of a faculty member, students are required to complete a project spanning two to three quarters. See the Graduate Research page for more information.

Data Science Specialization: MSCS-DS

The MSCS-DS program provides the skills to develop computer solutions that require expertise in data science.  The program consists of requirements in machine learning, big data analytics, visual analytics, and an advanced data science elective. This program culminates in a real world data science capstone project. See the MSCS-DS page for more information.

Software Engineering Specialization: MSCS-SE

The MSCS-SE program enables you to build the skill set you need for a career in the software industry. This program culminates in a two-quarter-long, industry-sponsored capstone project. You and your team will tackle a real-world problem, manage your project from inception through design and implementation, and deliver a functioning software application. See the MSCS-SE page for more information.

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