Admission Requirements

The information below applies to all MSCS program variants. The computer science background requirements are the same across all programs. The Data Science specialization has an additional math background requirement.

Background Requirements

  • A four-year equivalent bachelor's degree in computer science, or a related discipline, from a regionally-accredited institution.
    • Successful applicants should have already completed the six Preparatory Courses listed in the Course Catalog at a regionally-accredited institution; these courses do not need to have been taken at SeattleU. Most undergraduate computer science backgrounds will include this coursework. Applicants who do not have a computer science background can bridge to the MSCS through the Certificate in Computer Science Fundamentals.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 calculated from official transcripts of all post-secondary educational institutions attended in the last 90 quarter/60 semester credits of your bachelor's degree, including any transfer credits earned during this time, and any post-baccalaureate coursework.
  • Data Science specialization only: Completion of Calculus III or an equivalent course is necessary to enroll in the upper-division math courses required for this specialization. Applicants who have not completed Calculus III may still apply to join this specialization, but their time to graduation may be impacted. Please contact for more information.

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Application Requirements

  • Completed Application Form
  • Transcripts of all post-secondary education institutions attended in the last 90 quarter/60 semester credits of the bachelor’s degree, including any transfer credits earned during this time, and any post-baccalaureate coursework. In most cases, unofficial transcripts can be used for the evaluation stage, but official transcripts must be submitted prior to the start of term. 
  • Resume or CV summarizing academic and related work experience (if any).
  • Letter of Intent (1-2 pages) discussing background, interests, and reasons for wanting to pursue an MSCS.
  • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation from academic or professional recommenders who have evaluated your academic work or supervised you in a practical context, and who are able to assess your potential for graduate study.
  • The GRE is not required for most applicants. Students subject to the Three-Year Degree Policy or who have earned degrees from institutions issuing non-graded transcripts must submit official results from the GRE (Code 4695) or GMAT (Code 5613) to be considered.
  • Upon admission, this program requires a non-refundable $250 deposit to confirm your space. The deposit will be applied toward your first quarter tuition bill.
  • International StudentsInternational students may be required to submit additional materials in order to have their applications evaluated. If English is not the applicant’s native language, a demonstration of English proficiency meeting the university’s entrance requirements must be submitted. Please visit the International Admissions page for complete information.

Rolling Admissions - No Deadlines

The MSCS program has no official deadline for submission. We will continue to accept and evaluate applications so long as there is time to process them. Completed applications typically take 3-5 weeks to evaluate. International applicants should plan for additional time for visa processing to ensure that they can arrive in time for the first day of classes. Please contact if you have questions about applying.

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