Photo of Kivanc Dincer, Ph.D.

Kivanc Dincer, Ph.D.

CS Capstone Project Coordinator and Instructor
Ph.D., Computer and Information Science, Syracuse University

Phone: 206.296.2846

Building/Room: SINE 220-02

Photo of Muneeba Jilani, Ph.D.

Muneeba Jilani, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Computational Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Building/Room: BANN 300

Photo of Prerna Juneja, Ph.D.

Prerna Juneja, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Information Science, University of Washington

Photo of Ritika Kanade, MS

Ritika Kanade, MS

Adjunct Professor
M.S. Computer Science, Stony Brook University

Phone: 631.697.5989

Photo of Ami Kinnamon

Ami Kinnamon

Computer Science

Graduate Program Coordinator

Phone: 206.296.5567

Building/Room: SINE 570

Photo of Eric Larson, Ph.D.

Eric Larson, Ph.D.

Computer Science

Professor and Associate Chair
Ph.D., Computer Science & Engineering, University of Michigan

Phone: 206.296.5513

Building/Room: SINE 302-05

Photo of Lin Li, Ph.D.

Lin Li, Ph.D.

Computer Science

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Computer Science, Clemson University

Phone: 206.296.2112

Building/Room: BANN 306

Photo of Kevin Lundeen, MS

Kevin Lundeen, MS

Computer Science

Associate Teaching Professor
MS, Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Boston

Phone: 206.296.2333

Building/Room: BANN 304

Photo of Dale Nash

Dale Nash

Computer Science

Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone: 206.296.5510

Building/Room: SINE 301

Photo of James Obare, MS

James Obare, MS

Computer Science

Assistant Teaching Professor
MS, Computer Management, University of Poona

Phone: 206.296.2837

Building/Room: SINE 220-03

Photo of Sheila Oh, MS

Sheila Oh, MS

Computer Science

Associate Teaching Professor and Director, Computer Science Fundamentals Certificate Program
MS, Computer Science, DePaul University

Phone: 206.296.2164

Building/Room: SINE 302-07

Photo of Susan Reeder, MA

Susan Reeder, MA

Computer Science

Associate Teaching Professor
MA, Computer Science, The University of South Dakota

Phone: 206.296.5508

Building/Room: SINE 290-05

Photo of Tim Spinney

Tim Spinney

Computer Science

M.S. Computing and Information Science, Case Western Reserve University

Phone: TBD

Building/Room: BANN 328

Photo of Matthew Thayer

Matthew Thayer

Computer Science Department


Building/Room: SINE 290-13

Photo of Rebecca Von Groote

Rebecca Von Groote

Computer Science

Senior Academic Advisor

Phone: 206.296.2437

Building/Room: SINE 301

Photo of Xin Zhao, Ph.D

Xin Zhao, Ph.D

Computer Science Department

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Alabama

Phone: 206.220.8028

Building/Room: BANN 302

Photo of Yingwu Zhu, Ph.D.

Yingwu Zhu, Ph.D.

Computer Science

Professor and Director of MSCS
Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Cincinnati

Phone: 206.296.5515

Building/Room: SINE 302-09

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