Welcome to the Computer Science Department Seminar Series

We are dedicated to host speakers across the field of computing with insights and perspectives on academic research and industry practice. The schedule for the current academic year is posted. For additional information, please contact CS Seminar Coordinators Wan Bae or Michael McKee.

All faculty, staff and students are welcome.

Upcoming Seminars

    Past Seminars

    Semantic Scholar - Advanced NLP to Accelerate Scientific Research

    • Speaker: Dr. Daniel S. Weld at the University of Washington 

    The Top Five Challenges in Software Development

    • Speaker: Steve Tockey, Principal Consultant at Construx Software

    How to Explain the Decisions of Machine Learning Models?

    • Speaker: Dr. Sheeraz Ahmad, Senior Engineer, Explainable AI Team at Google 

    A Big Data Story

    • Speaker: John Dietz, Senior Engineering Manager, Cloud Data Analytics at Google

    The Most Frequent Connected Induced Subgraph

    • Speaker: Dr. Srinibas Swain, PhD. Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Guwahati.

    Delivering Health Coaching Interventions to the Home

    • Speaker: Holly B. Jimison, PhD, FACMI. Professor, College of Computer & Information Science / College of Health Sciences; Director, Consortium on Technology for Proactive Care; Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

    How to Make Things Better in Big Companies

    • Speaker 1: Jon Bach, Senior Program Manager for Marketing Tech Quality at eBay
    • Speaker 2: James Bach, Consulting Software Tester

    An Inside Look at the CDC's Covid-19 Forecasting

    • Speaker: Steve McConnell, CEO, Construx Software

    Quantum Computing, Qiskit and the IBM Q Experience

    • Speaker: Brian Eccles, Quantum Ambassador, IBM

    Immersive Communication in Mixed Reality

    • Speaker: Austin Lee, Senior Designer, Microsoft Mixed Reality

    Data Science from a Mathematical Viewpoint

    • Speaker: Matthew Horak, Senior Data Scientist at Lockheed Martin

    How to Engineer Software

    • Speaker: Steve Tockey, Construx Software