BA in Computer Science


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The bachelor of arts degree with a major in computer science requires students to complete a minimum of 180 quarter credits with both a cumulative grade point average and a major/department grade point average of 2.50 or better.


I. Core Curriculum Requirements

Module I: Engaging Academic Inquiry

UCOR 1100 - Academic Writing Seminar
UCOR 1200 - Quantitative Reasoning (satisfied in major)
UCOR 1300 - Creative Expression and Interpretation
UCOR 1400 - Inquiry Seminar in the Humanities
UCOR 1600 - Inquiry Seminar in the Social Sciences
UCOR 1800 - Inquiry Seminar in the Natural Sciences (or BIOL 1610/1611, 2200, CHEM 1500/1501, PHYS 1050/1051, 1210/1211)

Module II: Engaging Jesuit Traditions

UCOR 2100 - Theological Explorations
UCOR 2500 - Philosophy of the Human Person
UCOR 2900 - Ethical Reasoning
Module III: Engaging the World
UCOR 3100 - Religion in a Global Context
UCOR 3400 - Humanities and Global Challenges
UCOR 3600 - Social Sciences and Global Challenges


II. Major Requirements
59 credits in computer science, including:


CPSC 1420 - Programming and Problem Solving I
CPSC 1430 - Programming and Problem Solving II
CPSC 2430 - Data Structures
CPSC 2600 - Foundations of Computer Science
CPSC 3300 - Fundamentals of Databases
CPSC 3400 - Languages and Computation
CPSC 3700 - The Art of Web Design
CPSC 4800 - Technical Communication and Project Management
CPSC 4870 - Software Engineering and Project Development I
CPSC 4880 - Software Engineering and Project Development II
CPSC 4890 - Software Engineering and Project Development III
CPSC Electives - (3000-level or higher) (10)


Independent study and internship courses (CPSC 3960, 4950, 4960, 4990) cannot be used to satisfy computer science electives.



III. Other Major Department Requirements
45 credits including:


MATH 1334 - Calculus I
MATH 1335 - Calculus II
*Area of Application (30)

Choose one of the following two courses:

MATH 2310 - Probability and Statistics for the Sciences and Engineering
MATH 3411 - Probability


*Bachelor of arts degree students must complete a coordinated group of application area courses. These courses must include at least 30 credits of courses in an area of proposed application of computer science. These 30 credits may be those prescribed for a minor in another department, but may not include any credits already required by the Computer Science Department for the bachelor of arts degree. In areas of application where a minor is not prescribed, the Computer Science Department will define the acceptable application area courses, with the assistance of the appropriate departments.



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2017-2018 Program Catalog for Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science