Core Governance

The Core is managed by the Director, who is responsible for leading efforts in faculty development, managing the effective delivery and assessment of the curriculum, managing the Core office, representing the Core across the campus, and implementing initiatives and policies as determined by the Core Executive Committee, Academic Assembly, and the Board of Trustees.   The Director works closely with three key committees: 

Core Executive Committee 

This is the main governance committee for the University Core.  It is responsible for setting Core policies, maintaining and adjusting curriculum requirements, overseeing the review of course proposals, and developing recommendations for ways to improve the curriculum.

     AY 19-20 members:
     Brian Kelly, Albers School representative

     Jennifer Fricas, College of Nursing representative

     Katherine Kuder, Science & Engineering representative

     Michael Ng, Academic Assembly representative

     Hilary Hawley, Non-Tenure Track representative

     Caitlin Plovnick, Library representative

     Michelle Etchart, Student Development representative

     Laura Hauck-Vixie, Academic Advising representative

     Dove Sutton, SGSU Transfer student representative

     Paulette Kidder, Core Curriculum Committee Chair

     Jeff Philpott, Core Director

     Jeff Brown, Core Associate Director

     Stephanie Lewis, Core Program Coordinator


Core Curriculum Committee 

This committee reviews all Core course proposals, manages a cycle of periodic review of previously approved courses, makes recommendations to the Core Executive Committee regarding the course submission and review process, as well as recommendations regarding ways to improve the University Core.  

     AY 19-20 members:
     Paulette Kidder, Philosophy, Arts & Sciences representative, Chair
     Katya Emm, Finance, Albers representative
     Mo Sin, Nursing, College of Nursing representative
     Jen Sorensen, Chemistry, Science & Engineering representative
     Harmony Arnold, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership
     Hilary Hawley, English
     Rick Malleus, Communications
     Matt Whitlock, Religious Studies

Core Assessment Committee

This committee plans and organizes systematic efforts to collect evidence regarding student learning in the Core, reviews data on student learning and the effectiveness of Core courses, makes regular reports to the Core Executive Committee, and makes recommendations to the Core Executive Committee regarding proposed changes in Core courses and pedagogy in order to improve students’ mastery of the Core Learning Objectives. 

     AY 18-19 members: 
     Susan Meyers, English, Arts & Sciences representative, Chair
     Katie Fitzpatrick, Albers representative
     Vlad Dashkeev, Albers, 1600/3600 representative
     June Johnson Bube, Arts & Sciences, 1100 representative
     Bill Kangas, Arts & Sciences, 1400/3400 representative
     Caitlin Plovnick, Library representative
     Bob Duniway, Assistant VP for Planning, Institutional
          Research representative
     Charles Lawrence, Associate Provost for Academic Excellence,
          University Assessment Committee representative