Module IV: Reflection

Module IV involves reflection: by combining major capstone experiences with an opportunity to reflect on their educational experience and growth, the Core helps students identify and "own" portions of their educational experience that are particularly meaningful to them.

Each major is required to include a capstone course for students in that major. These courses will carry department specific prefixes, but also be coded as "Core Senior Synthesis" courses in SUOnline and in student records. The exact nature of that capstone course is up to the faculty members in that major. However, the Core requires that each capstone course include a graded reflective writing assignment in which students will:

  1. reflect on their overall educational experiences
  2. critically examine their own academic strengths and weaknesses
  3. explore how the Core and major experiences have helped them develop along the lines described by the university mission statement and undergraduate learning objectives, and
  4. reflect on their personal senses of purpose/goals/vocational calling.

The exact format of this assignment may well vary across different departments and courses. Essential Goals: Synthesize and make connections between the various areas of the undergraduate experience, refine thinking and skills in the major, reflect on purpose and growth.