The Curriculum

Rooted in Jesuit, Catholic educational traditions, the primary aim of Seattle University’s Core Curriculum is formative and transformative liberal education.  The key elements of this curriculum are foundational knowledge in several relevant disciplines, critical inquiry, reflection on learning and values, and preparation for life as effective and ethical global citizens.  This curriculum invites students into engaged learning about themselves, their communities, and the world. 

The Core Curriculum is built around focused courses where students take classes with faculty who have designed the courses around their intellectual passions. The curriculum is global and contemporary, preparing our students for the world today and in the future, building upon the foundation of our Jesuit heritage and wisdom.

The 60-credit University Core Curriculum consists of a total of 12 courses plus a major-specific capstone course (with a minimum of 3 credits) distributed over four core learning objectives areas.  Course work to develop the knowledge, skills, and values identified in the learning objectives will take place across four modules that comprise the Core Curriculum: