Core Programs

Core Academic Initiatives

Within the Core curriculum, we are committed to educating the whole person, and we are pleased to host several exciting initiatives designed to enhance student learning and the student experience “beyond the walls” of the classroom.

First-Term SUCCESS Seminars

HUMT Class Picture. First-Term SUCCESS Seminars

Starting college or transferring to a new university can be challenging. To help get students off to a good start, Seattle University uses Core classes as supportive engagement seminars. Many Module I UCOR courses and HUMT 1830, often taken by first-year students, will be offered as SUCCESS seminars. Some UCOR 2500 courses are similarly offered for transfer students in their first term at Seattle University. Students in these courses are contacted by the faculty before the start of the term to help them plan for class, receive formative feedback on assignments early in the term and through a mid-quarter progress report, and are introduced to one of SU’s academic support services, which include the Lemieux Library, Writing Center, Math Lab, Learning Assistance Programs, and the Media Production Center. Many faculty also include co-curricular activities, which engage students in events connected to the course themes across campus and in the Seattle community. The classes provide students with additional tools proven to contribute to student success. These elements, delivered by our talented and committed Core faculty and Academic Support staff, positively contribute to student learning and persistence.

Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal

Another opportunity that students can participate in is the Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal. SUURJ solicits research-focused essays in any field and on any subject. The annual deadline for submissions is in mid-October. For further information, please visit their website: SUURJ