Propose a New University Core Curriculum Course

This page contains proposal forms for each of the 13 courses in the University Core. Each downloadable form is customized to the needs of that course. Please download a copy of the relevant form(s) to your computer, type or paste in the information requested including the syllabus, and submit your proposal(s) through the normal procedure for your department and college/school. Before e-mailing your proposal, please resave the file with a distinctive name that includes both the name of the course category as well as your last name (e.g. Academic Writing Seminar Jones).

These forms must be submitted and signed electronically. For detailed instructions and troubleshooting these forms, please see the Guide to Completing Electronic Core Course Proposal Forms.

For additional information, please reference the New Core Course Guidelines 2013 and the Proposing Core Courses FAQ_New Core.

If you would like to add faculty to an already approved course, please reference Adding Qualified Faculty to an approved UCOR Course.

Download the appropriate form from the list below:

Module I

UCOR 1100 Academic Writing Seminar Proposal 2017

UCOR 1200 Quant Reason Proposal 2017

UCOR 1300 Creative Expressions Proposal 2017

UCOR 1400 Inq Sem in Hum Proposal 2017

UCOR 1600 Inq Sem in Soc Sci Proposal 2017

UCOR 1800 Inq Sem in Nat Sci Proposal 2017


Module II

UCOR 2100 Theo Explorations Proposal 2017

UCOR 2500 Phil of Hum Person Proposal 2017

UCOR 29X0 Ethical Reasoning Proposal 2017

Module III

UCOR 3100 Rel in Global Context Proposal 2017

UCOR 3400 Hum and Global Chal Proposal 2017

UCOR 3600 Soc Sci and Global Chal Proposal 2017

UCOR 3800 Nat Sci and Global Chal Proposal 2017