President’s Committee for Sustainability


The President’s Committee for Sustainability (PCS) was convened in March 2011 to oversee:

  • The implementation of Seattle University's Climate Action Plan (2010)
  • The integration of sustainability initiatives across campus

The President's Committee includes faculty, staff and students from all areas of campus. The PCS contact person is Yolanda Cieters (


Progress toward SU's Climate Action Plan Goals:

Seattle University has committed to the following four goals in the Climate Action Plan:

  • ACADEMICS: Expand sustainability in the curriculum
  • CO-CURRICULAR PROGRAMS and ENGAGEMENT: Expand sustainability in co-curricular programs and educate SU's campus community about climate change and sustainability outside the clasrroom
  • OPERATIONS: Increase sustainable practices in university operations and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from operations and transportation
  • MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS: Share our sustainability knowledge and expertise with others

Since the adoption of the Climate Action Plan (2010), considerable progress has been made. Check out the Campus Sustainability Infographic and find out more for each CAP goal below: 



  • The Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability was created to support interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching on environmental justice and sustainability and make Seattle University a recognized leader in these areas. CEJS serves as a clearinghouse for SU’s environmental programs and sustainability initiatives. The Center offers student internships and provided fellowships to 28 Faculty and 16 Students between 2013-2017.
  • Sustainability literacy survey for Freshmen (started in 2013) and post-survey for seniors (started in 2017)
  • Eight study programs related to sustainability
  • Two-yearly survey on sustainability research at SU
  • Two-yearly inventory of sustainability courses at SU


Co-curricular Programs and Engagement




Marketing & Communications



Contact the Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability (CEJS) at

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