Transportation and Commuting

Seattle University promotes sustainable transportation by incentivizing and educating about alternative modes of transportation.

SU Commuter Survey

  • 1,644 Seattle University community members participated in the 2020 campus-wide commuting survey! Learn more about the SU commuting survey here.

Commuters Benefits

  • Seattle University provides employees and students with generous financial incentives to bike, bus, car/vanpool and walk to campus. See the many benefits for each below!

Commuter collegia

  • Three Commuter Collegia provide beautiful and welcoming "home away from home" environments that support the day-to-day needs of the complex lives of commuter students through study space, kitchen facilities and snack system, access to campus resources, computers, books and newspapers. Learn more about the Commuter Collegia here.

Campus Vehicles

  • Electric vehicles make up one-third of our fleet. The Night Hawk shuttle uses hybrid electric vehicles. One electric-assist bike is used by Grounds.



Biking to SU

Mass Transit to SU

Walking to SU

Carpool to SU

VanSharing to SU