Energy and Buildings

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LEED Gold Buildings

All new buildings at Seattle University are designed to achieve LEED Gold standards. There are currently 5 LEED Gold buildings on Campus. They each feature native, drought-tolerant plants; high efficiency energy systems and water fixtures; Forest Stewardship Council certified wood products; and building products made locally of recycled materials and with low VOC content.

Advancement and Alumni Building (formerly Admissions and Alumni Building)

Solar panels, green roof, and a rainwater cistern mark our first LEED-Gold building, built in 2009. 

The John and Judy Harding Building (formerly the Law School Annex)

Renovating a warehouse, Energy Star rated office equipment, GreenGuard Certified furniture, and reused furniture are the hallmarks of this LEED Gold building (2010). 

Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons

A rain garden, a chilled beam that cools the computer lab, and a raised floor suppling warm air near occupants’ feet are the highlights of the LEED Gold library addition (2011).

William F. Eisiminger Fitness Center

Windows with a view, parking for 50 bikes, and 30% more outdoor air ventilation are the green features of our fourth LEED-Gold building (2012).

The Jim and Janet Sinegal Center for Science and Innovation

The Sinegal Center (SINE) is the fifth campus facility to be certified LEED Gold (June 2022). The building features an atrium, a rooftop solar array, and daylight sensors that turn lights off when there is enough daylight present. Electricity is used for heating and cooling the building.