Metadata images

World map in green and blue


Different colors of pencils with names of different academic disciplines


FAQ question mark

Silhouette of trees against a sunset with deep blue skies and cloud above, Sipi Plains, Tanzania - by Gabrielle Porter


Image of alumni and student link-up event

Nicaragua Interview - students and faculty doing an interview


World map with Sigma Iota Rho letters in Greek


Hedge maze


People on a road


Diplomacy, foreign affairs, public policy, security - Image of President Obama speaking at the UN General Assembly


Business,  Consulting,  Marketing,  Finance - Shanghai skyline at night


Public relations, communications, journalism, advertising - Old green typewriter on weather-worn desk


Court house pillar

Education and teaching - School child laughing with teacher in a classroom


Health professions and social work - Mural in Nicaragua showing nurse giving polio vaccine to child


Library with stairs


Map and Compass


Barberry bushes in yellows and reds


Orange and Purple woven fabric