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Center of a hedge maze with multiple routes out An International Studies degree from Seattle U gives you career options in a range of fields.  

International Studies alumni often find they have the flexibility to move from one type of career to another, for example, from working in an NGO (non-governmental organization) to a private business.  

Career paths for graduates are flexible, rather than fixed: You may start your career in one sector and seamlessly move to another, so remember that you always have options. At the same time, you can still prepare and think through some of the major alternatives as you build your academic profile in the International Studies program.  

Below, you'll see seven broad categories of possible careers related to International Studies. Many more options are open to you than these; this list is designed to help you reflect, plan, and prepare for your career goals. 

On each career pathway page, you'll find samples of alumni jobs, specific courses, and minors that broadly align with possible career paths for International Studies students.  

Alumni Stories

"I learned to respectfully relate with people from other cultures, while adapting to their social norms." Ruth Yohannes '19

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