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Ariana Siddiqui Dennis in front of a cliff in Jordan


As an Afghan American Muslim, studying abroad in Jordan was one of the closest opportunities I could have to visiting and living in a country with a culture similar to my own. The conflict Afghanistan has faced has produced innumerable problems for Afghans around the world, only one of which includes a sense of distance and disconnect for the diaspora communities. Being able to live in a Muslim majority country immersed in Arab culture that so closely parallels Afghan culture, allowed me to reconnect and learn more about my own identities. I formed a close community of people that I look forward to visiting again and again.

Ariana Siddiqui Dennis INST 2021

Michael Ninen on deck in Taxco, Mexico

Taxco, Mexico

I studied abroad in Puebla Mexico on the LASP program. This experience was not only essential to my long term growth as a person, but also a really formative time in my growth with the Spanish language. Before going abroad I was not able to hold more than basic conversation, but by the end of the six months I was doing research and conducting interviews in Spanish.

Michael Ninen INST Graduate 2020

Monica McKeown in Nicaragua

Costa Rica and Spain

International Studies gave me the opportunity to study abroad multiple times. While studying in Costa Rica and Spain I was able to build my Spanish skills and learn about the histories and cultures of those counties. I grew more comfortable in my ability to navigate unknown situations with confidence.

Monica McKeown INST Graduate 2020
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"I learned to respectfully relate with people from other cultures, while adapting to their social norms." Ruth Yohannes '19

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