Required Courses

On this page, you can find out a little more about the courses you take as part of a major in International Studies.

You'll take additional courses in the University Core Curriculum and the College Core, all of which you can find in the Catalog  (Opens in new window. Search for "International Studies," then select the appropriate program, e.g. INST major, INST minor, INST honors).

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International Studies foundational courses

Image for Global Cultural Citizenship

Global Cultural Citizenship

Cultivate your global citizenship through the social and cultural foundations of International Studies

Image for World Geography

World Geography

How geography helps us understand human relations, politics, economics, and discrimination

Image that complements Workshop in World History

Workshop in World History

This course reveals the role of the past in shaping the contemporary world.

Image for Introduction to International Politics

Introduction to International Politics

War, nationalism, the global economy, interventionism, and the new world order

Image for Introduction to Comparative Politics

Introduction to Comparative Politics

Learn about power structures and the social effects of public policy

International Studies Professional Formation courses

Image for Modern language

Modern language

Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese or Spanish.

Image that complements Senior Capstone

Senior Capstone

Where you design and complete a senior research project focused on your study-abroad country.

Foundational courses in International Studies


Old map of latitude and longitude lines

Antique map of Japan

Line drawings of various congresses and parliaments from around the world

United Nations conference room wall with gold UN symbol - photo by Tom Page/flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Electronic board at stock market with text in Arabic

Professional formation courses in International Studies

Image of metal plates with the letter A in different alphabets

Image of binoculars on a leather box with blurry light in the background - CC0

Glass pyramid at the Louvre, Paris at night

Alumni Stories

"I learned to respectfully relate with people from other cultures, while adapting to their social norms." Ruth Yohannes '19

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Intro to INST: Serena Cosgrove, INST; World Geography, Intro to Comparative Politics, Modern Language: David Green, INST; Intro to International Politics: Tom Page/flickr CC BY-SA 2.0; Macroeconomics: Pikrepo CC0; Research in INST: Pexels CC0; Capstone: djof/flickr - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0; Education Abroad Requirement: Emma Kelash HIST-FILM