Resources for Your Future Career

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As an International Studies student or alumnus/a, you can always access professional advice from: 

The following resources provide additional information for making informed decisions about your future career.  

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How to start your career:

Career paths for INST graduates are flexible, rather than fixed: you may start your career in one sector and seamlessly move to another. The multi-disciplinary nature of the major means you always have career options 

  • An International Studies degree from Seattle University gives you hard and soft skills that open different career pathways to work in many different sectors including humanitarian work, diplomacy, business, public relations, legal practice, education, and health services. 
  • Internships provide a great opportunity for exploring future career pathways. Sometimes an internship helps you see new career opportunities; other times working for an organization helps you realize a path you thought would be good for you is not a good fit: both are valuable lessons. You can apply to local internships and national or international internships. We alert INST majors to new internship opportunities weekly.  
  • Consider volunteering locally or abroad to gain further experience (i.e., Peace Corps, Jesuit Volunteers Corp, AmeriCorps, GPI Japan, Leland International Hunger Fellowship, Samuel Huntington Public Service Award, United Nations Humanitarian Affairs).
    • The Education Abroad Office has organized a list of more than 40 organizations that offer opportunities to go abroad after graduation. Includes short- and long-term opportunities, in almost all parts of the world! See all these opportunities here.
  • Avail yourself to the wider SU alumni network. You can always contact alumni with jobs in sectors you are interested in to talk about their path to their job. They are often willing to share insights and advice about how to navigate the job market in their field. (Join LinkedIn INST alumni group) 
  • After a couple of years of self-exploration and gaining experience through internships and coursework, many students apply to graduate school to further refine the skills they acquired through their INST majors. 

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Applying for jobs:

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Applying to graduate school:

Alumni Stories

"I learned to respectfully relate with people from other cultures, while adapting to their social norms." Ruth Yohannes '19