Fall 2022

Welcome to Brady Battalion

LTC Brianna Maier

Women in army uniform in front of flagGreetings from the MG Patrick H. Brady Battalion.  This has been an amazing first quarter as the Professor of Military Science.  My family and I are excited to be a part of this wonderful team of hard working and dedicated Cadets, Cadre and Staff.  We moved here from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia where I served with the Joint Enabling Capabilities Command, and my husband, MAJ Logan Maier served with Army Futures Command.  I am originally from Tumwater, WA, and my husband is an O6’ Alumnus of the Brady Battalion, making this a special opportunity to train our next generation of future leaders.  My family and I are truly happy to be a part of this team!

This was a very busy quarter for the Battalion.  I arrived at Seattle University just in time to welcome back all our recent graduates from Cadet Summer Training, Cadet Training and Leadership Program and Nurse Summer Training Program opportunities, Air Assault School and Internships.  We ended the summer with a commissioning ceremony and started the new school year by contracting seven cadets, making it a great start to the quarter.

family outsideUnder the command of CDT LTC John Danieli and his staff, the Cadets continued to train hard at the range, our fall Field Training Exercise, Ranger Challenge Competition, Combat Water Survival Training, along with many leadership classes and labs.  We ended the quarter with our branching ceremony for the seniors who were selected for Active Duty.  I am excited to announce that they all received their first choice in branches. I am very proud of everything the Cadets have accomplished this quarter and look forward to continuing to see them develop into future professionals throughout the year! 

I hope all of you and your families have a wonderful holiday break and a Merry Christmas.  The Cadre and I look forward to seeing you all back after the New Year.

ROTC Newsletter Fall Quarter 2022

Brady Battalion Introduction by CDT Battalion Commander Danieli

three CadetsI had the privilege of serving the Brady Battalion as their Battalion Commander for Fall Quarter 2022. Under my time I've witnessed a variety of accomplishments and progress within the Battalion. I saw strangers become family, individuals express personal courage on daring tasks, peers developing others through the mentorship program, cadet leadership learn and create their own leading style, cadets pushing themselves and achieving personal records on the Army Combat Fitness Test, and more. All in all, I saw the Battalion do the goal I had for them: To grow, learn and adapt. They achieved this through the challenges given to them, and in the end, they continued to stand tall and proud and keep striking forward. I wish them the best and to keep the Battalion Motto by their side, "STRIKE FORWARD."  CDT John Danieli

photo (left to right) Cadets Annika DeMint, Logan Serrano, John Danieli)

Commissioning Class of 2022

Four new 2LTsThis June, we had 4 seniors graduate Army ROTC and commission as Second Lieutenants in their selected branches.  They will be missed.  Huge congratulations to them and good luck in their future endeavors!



From left to right: 2LT Genalyn Asuncion - Military Police; 2LT Nikolis Moffatt - Ed Delay:  Law School; 2LT Sylvia Perez -Transportation; 2LT Garrison Tipping - Military Intelligence.


female cadet outside2LT Juliet Rollins commissioned in August.  Her branch is Transportation

Advanced Camp: CDT Annika DeMint

Cadets Manglona DeMint Sugitan GularAdvanced Camp was difficult but rewarding. I’m proud of myself and my classmates for making it through camp. One of my most significant takeaways from camp is the friendships and connections I made. You really do bond with people through shared hardships like rucks, weeks in the field, and a lack of sleep. In the end, all the physical, mental, and emotional hardships build you into a better person and battle buddy.

(photo)  front- Cadets Jaemie Mangloña, Daman Suguitan, back - Annika DeMint, Jake Gular

Air Assault: CDT Kaitlyn Valdes

three CadetsAir assault school has the reputation of the 10 hardest days in the Army. To say it is challenging would be an understatement. It was rewarding to see how much dedication and motivation a group of people can have. It is a test of attention to detail more so than physical capabilities which is what makes it so hard. Even though it was a week of blood, sweat, and some tears, I would do it all over again for the unbelievable feeling you get when receiving your wings and the five second rappel from a Blackhawk!

 (left to right) Cadets: Sehyun Park, Stephane Kadima, Kaitlyn Valdes

Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT):  CDT Jaemie Mangloña

cadet in army vehicleCTLT was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to learn about a specific branch and get a glimpse into daily active-duty life. I gained valuable knowledge from senior NCOs and junior enlisted regarding what they valued in their leadership and Army careers. Overall, CTLT was a great way to gain hands-on experience and see the general functions within units on a bigger scale.


photo:  Cadet Jaemie Mangloña in a M-ATV


Army trucks

photo:  Vehicles used during CTLT


Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP):  CDT Hannah Han

nursingCadetsNTSPThis summer training program provides an immense amount of clinical time and hands-on experience for nursing students. It is a 28-day program with over 140 hours of clinical time. It is highly encouraged for all nursing students to attend as the training gives an insider look at the duties of an Army nurse and full hands-on experience that cannot be experienced in nursing school.


photo: Cadet Hannah Han (standing 3rd from left) with other nursing cadets

Summer training locations:


  • CDT Garces - NASA Ames Internship Program; Moffett Airfield, Mountain View, CA (Executed Virtually)
  • CDT Park - Army Medical Department Internship Program; Fort Belvoir, VA
  • CDT Stevenson - Army Test and Evaluation Command Internship Program; Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
  • CDT Guizzetti - National Ground Intelligence Center Internship Program; NGIC Headquarters, Rivanna Station, Charlottesville, VA


  • CDT Danieli – Madigan Army Medical Center; JBLM, WA
  • CDT Han - Brooke Army Medical Center; San Antonio, TX


  • CDT DeMint – Adjutant General; Fort Riley, KS
  • CDT Garces – Ordnance; Fort Carson, CO
  • CDT Manglona – Military Police; Fort Bliss, TX
  • CDT Ruff – Quartermaster; Schofield Barracks, HI

Basic Camp: CDT Anneliese Cowles

Over the summer, three Brady Battalion cadets participated in ROTC Basic camp in Fort Knox, KY. From 26JUN-27JUL cadets Baek, Cowles, and Pretto developed their leadership skills, practiced squad sized tactics, and improved their military bearing. They had the opportunity to participate in NIC (night infiltration course), 7 days of FTX, a 6-mile foot march, and numerous obstacle courses.

2 cadets in Army greens with awards

Cadets:  Ian Pretto and Anneliese Cowles

Fall Quarter Review

Welcome Week: CDT Zoe Adler  

female cadet outsideI knew coming to Welcome Week that this would be the start of a change in my life, a good change. While I was intimated by some people, I knew looking around the room at the upperclassmen that these are the people who are going to challenge me to push myself, to learn and encourage me; to grow as a better leader, student, and person overall. When I looked at my fellow MS1s I knew that these are going to be the people that I will lean on the most. The four of us are there to support each other through the good and the bad, check in on each other, and become leaders together. My welcome week experience was eye-opening, and I am happy to call this battalion my new family.   (photos - above Cadet Zoe Adler at 10K Veterans Day run, below - Welcome week)

20 cadets facing camera




Contracting Ceremony, September 16, 2022

US flag and contracting cadetsNew Contracted Cadets (Left to Right): Kent Renda, Justin Blunden, Cory Snyder, Liesl Marshall, Daniel Baek, Kai Muraki and Abigail Blumenfeld




cadets shaking handsBrady Battalion welcoming new cadets!






Lab Summary of the quarter: CDT Abigail Ivie

cadet in pool with rubber duckyBrady Battalion had a successful fall quarter through our labs. Cadets were taught drill and ceremony, how to qualify via the smokeless range and PMI, land navigation, effective communication, and had the opportunity to learn about several branches from speakers in our Cadet Council-led lab. Cadets also participated in the Combat Water Survival Test at the end of the quarter.

Cadet Kane Aricayos in pool

FTX: CDT Logan Serrano

cadet FTX FQ22On the 15th - 16th of October, Brady Battalion conducted Fall FTX at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The purpose of this FTX was to increase the readiness of cadets for advanced camp in land navigation, small unit tactics, confidence/obstacle courses, and troop leading procedures. During the time on the base, cadets climbed to large heights, weaved through different obstacles and worked together as a team to accomplish tasks during the obstacle/confidence course portion of the FTX. Cadets were given points and plotted them on a map while creating a plan to reach their desired point located somewhere in the forestry area of the base. They cadets climbing FQ22 FTXrepeated this process at night, adding a new challenging element of limited visibility. Finally, cadets were able to obtain leadership positions to gain experience in leading the battalion on a variety of missions with the help of cadre. Many cadets worked with one another to relay information back and forth making it an incredible learning opportunity for all.

 photos:  CDT Kent Renda walking.  Cadets on obstacle course

Community service: CDT Jaiden Childs

This year was our third annual year of hosting a clothing drive for those who are unhoused in Seattle. For the past three years we have collected clothing, food, toiletries, and first aid supplies to hand out personally at Saint James Cathedral. We developed a relationship with Saint James where we can come and help while they are handing out daily meals any time. This year we collected over 10 large bags of warm winter clothes that we handed out on November 22nd. We are always greeted with appreciation and gratitude when we arrive and leave with a sense of community. There are future opportunities to participate as this is an annual event that we continue to do to embrace the sense of service here in the Army and as a Seattle University Student.

Cadets inside at St. James clothing drive

photo left to right:  Cadets John Danieli, Kane Aricayos, Tyler Mach, Lyla Bryant, Erika DeMint, Anneliese Cowles, Maileen Cardenas, Sailiam Khim, Jaiden Childs


Cadet Council Summary: CDT Jonathan Barnhart

ArmyROTC flagThis year's Cadet Council 2022-2023 worked security at an Allied Universal event for the Seattle Seahawks to raise money for our battalion.  On October 27, we hosted a Career branch day lab where we had officers come talk to us about their branches. We dressed up for our Halloween Spirit PT and played dodgeball. We have purchased a new guidon (shown) and have celebrated Cadet birthdays. Currently, we're designing a new battalion coin, planning a winter party, and creating a commissioning tower.  


Winter Quarter '23 Upcoming Events 

  • CDT Sierra's commissioning
  • Winter FTX
  • SU Gives:  March 2 - an opportunity to support Army ROTC!  Last year we raised funds to buy free weights and a weight rack for the ROTC gym






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