Annual Events

Each year the MG Patrick H. Brady Battalion conducts 3 major training events and 3 minor training events. These events take place over the course of a weekend and occur at JBLM.

Fall Field Training Exercise (FTX) 

Fall FTX is the first training event of the year. It is an opportunity for new cadets and returning cadets to build relationships and get in the groove of the new school year through various activities that test teamwork and personal endurance. Cadets spend the weekend at Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM), complete the physically demanding confidence course and compete in a squad and platoon competition on the obstacle course. Cadets may also get experience at the rappel tower, learning how to make a harness called a swiss seat from a long rope that is secure enough to rappel from the 30 ft tower.

Winter FTX

The winter FTX focuses on land navigation taking cadets to the woods of JBLM to test their skills at map reading, terrain association, compass reading, and pace counting. Cadets are given a certain number of points to find in a limited number of hours during the day and at night.

Spring FTX

The spring FTX focuses on squad STX (situational training exercise) and is the culminating event of the year. Cadets who have been developing teamwork skills with their squads of 8-10 cadets all year are put to the test in a simulated tactical environment. SQD STX is a grueling, physically and mentally challenging weekend that is immensely rewarding. Squad's perform a series of 2 hour tactical missions in which the squad leadership uses all of their ROTC skills to receive a mission, prepare their squads, and conduct a mission that tests their leadership skills.

Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM)

Cadets have the opportunity to hone their marksmanship skills by taking a day down to JBLM to the range or the simulator. Cadets will get the chance to zero and qualify on an M-16, M-9, or M-4 rifle.

Combat Water Survival Training (CWST)

CWST involves a series of stations cadets must navigate in full uniform. Stations include swimming across the pool while maintaining the muzzle of an M-16 rubber duck above water, a 3 meter drop and 30 second tread water while maintaining contact with a weapon, ditching equipment underwater, and learning how to use uniform pieces as floatation devices.

Social Events

SU Army ROTC has a number of formal and informal social events throughout the year. These events promote esprit de corps and provide cadets with a chance to celebrate each other and the many accomplishments throughout the year.

Cadet Kickoff

The cadet kickoff occurs during the first week of school. It is an opportunity for cadets to meet the cadre and other cadets, learn about the events of the upcoming year, and hear about the training opportunities that cadets experienced over the summer.

Dining In

The Dining In is a formal dinner held at the beginning of winter quarter. It is the first event of the year where the cadets and cadre gather in their class A uniform for festivities. After the formal portion of the evening the classes come together to compete in a class skit contest. Dining In is an event full of jokes, pranks, laughter, tradition, and fabulous grog of Seattle University's own special recipe.

Military Ball

The Military Ball is the culminating formal social event of the year. The cadre, cadets, SU faculty, families, and friends come together to celebrate the year's accomplishments and the upcoming senior commissioning and graduation at a formal dinner. The seniors take their turn walking through the traditional saber arch escorted by a significant person of their lives. Guests are served a formal meal and have the opportunity to hear reflections from a distinguished guest speaker. The formal portion of the evening is closed out by introducing the dancing portion of the evening.

Organizational Day

Organizational Day is a large battalion picnic during the final weeks of the school year full of food and fun. Classes compete through a series of games and contests for the coveted NCO cup.