Prior Service Students

If you are currently on active duty and have completed two years of active duty before school starts and are accepted by a college or university as either a freshman, sophomore or junior, you can compete for an Active Duty Green to Gold four-, three-or two-year scholarship.

Prior Service Students

Seattle University Army ROTC provides you opportunity to combine your prior military experience with the college degree you are currently pursuing!!

What benefits do I get from being prior service?

The first two years of Army ROTC are not required for students who served on Active Duty or who are currently serving in the National Guard/Army Reserve. Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training take the place of the ROTC Basic Course. This means if you're accepted to school as a Junior you are only two years away from re-entering the Army as newly commissioned Lieutenant.

Can I receive a scholarship and still get my G.I. Bill?

Yes! Not only will you receive the same amount of money from your G.I. Bill but because your scholarship pays your bills, that money goes to you instead of the school.

Does my time in service count?

Yes! Not only does your time in the service count towards retirement and but it also counts for pay purposes. In addition if you have more than 4 years on active duty you may reenter the Army as an O-1E which increases your pay and Allowances.

Can I wear my badges and awards?

Yes! You may wear any badges awards you have earned while you're in ROTC and after commissioning.

Do I have to keep my MOS?

No. Your prior MOS has no effect on your eventual branch. Your branch assignment is based on a combination of your performance in ROTC, your preference, and the needs of the Army.