Nursing and ROTC

Nurse Cadets in Army ROTC have many advantages in the classroom, in practice, and in training.

Nurse Cadets experience unique opportunities like Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP) that provides nursing Cadets with an edge in their senior clinicals. Nurse Cadets are among the top students in their classes as well as active members of the SU campus community.

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Learn how Army ROTC can move you ahead in your career.

It's not just about having a job right out of college. Being in ROTC provides many advantages as a nursing student. ROTC teaches leadership and assessment skills that are used in clinicals with patients and peers. Nurse Cadets learn prioritization and planning methods that increase efficiency in clinicals. Cadets, through their training, gain a level of confidence that helps them become stronger students capable of meeting the various academic challenges of the College of Nursing. Nurse Cadets also get experiences that their fellow nursing students don't have, such as Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP). 

Sure, it's hard for some people, but ROTC is very flexible because we prioritize academic success. ROTC takes concentration and commitment and so does nursing. Many people thrive off the schedule that ROTC provides them. Cadets work out in the morning three or more days a week. They are productive, skilled in time management and have a robust community support system in ROTC. There is also a strong relationship between ROTC and the College of Nursing. The Nursing faculty understand the students' situations and, given enough time, are willing to help the students out.

Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP) is a three- or four-week program offered to nursing Cadets who have completed Med-Surg I or an equivalent class. Most nursing Cadets will attend this training course following Cadet Summer Training (CST), the summer between their junior and senior years. NSTP is similar to CTLT as nursing Cadets are attached to an Army Hospital unit and practice clinical skills under the guidance of a license Army Nurse Corps Officer.

Nursing Cadets in ROTC

Army ROTC offers specific scholarships for nurses.

Nurse Summer Training Program Valuable career and leadership development

Cadet Childs in front of cathedral in Germany

Top Cadet, Jaiden Childs, ’24

"This is a unique opportunity for Army ROTC nursing students to explore Military Health Facilities and the life of Army Nursing. It includes 150 clinical hours, learning valuable nursing skills that may not be available in school in various locations. In Germany, I had time to travel to three different countries and learn about their cultures. This was an impactful experience for me, making lifelong friends and leaving feeling more component as a future Army Nurse Officer."

Distinguished Military Graduate