High School Students

Army ROTC is a unique college elective. It does not take much more of your time than would most other college courses. When you graduate, you'll receive a diploma and a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. 

ROTC training goes beyond the typical college classroom. You could be leading your classmates on a tactical "mission", or taking part in outdoor adventure training designed to improve your ability to solve problems under stress. You'll learn skills you would expect to find in an Army officer including how to motivate co-workers, cope with the unexpected, and organize and complete large complex tasks. You'll also learn skills that are in high demand in today's civilian and business world such as teamwork, tact, and effective communications. You'll learn from experienced Army Officers and noncommissioned officers and, in time, help pass on what you've learned to newer students as well.

What is the commitment?

A total service obligation of 8 years occurs only after you contract. Contracting occurs at the beginning of your junior year, (unless you receive a scholarship your freshman or sophomore year). Non-scholarship students may take the first two years of ROTC without incurring a service obligation.

How much time will ROTC take?

Academic success is the priority of the ROTC program at SU. Our training requirements are tailored to ensure that all cadets get the best possible leadership development training while not infringing on any academic requirements.

What is a typical week for ROTC cadets?

The battalion conducts an hour of physical training (PT) on Mon, Wed, and Fri mornings between 6am and 7am. Once a week cadets attend a Military Science class for 2 hours (Basic Course), or 3 hours (Advanced Course). Once a quarter we conduct a week-end training event at Ft. Lewis, WA. There are also extra-curricular activities that cadets participate in on a voluntary basis. More information on these activities can be found under the Activities and Clubs section.