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Research Fellowships

Receive up to $7100 for summer research - deadline is November 16

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Course Development Fellowships

Receive $3500 for developing a new course - deadline is November 16

Engaging the world, illuminating tradition

To fulfill our second goal, the ICTC supports Seattle University’s faculty as they expand the frontiers of Catholic thought through their creative scholarly pursuits. We do so through course development stipends, research grants and study on contemporary issues related to the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

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ICTC fellow, SU Fine Arts faculty and artist Trung Pham, SJ shares the stories behind his series "Wonder," "Rupture" and "Mother."

Featured Faculty Member

Fr. Patrick Kelly, SJ, has collaborated with the ICTC on many lecture seminars and events. In this lecture given at Villanova University, Fr. Kelly talks about the intersection of faith, sprituality, and collegiate sports. 

ICTC Faculty Fellowship Update

Michael P. Jaycox, Ph.D., Assistant Professor  in Theology and Religious Studies and a 2016 ICTC Faculty Research Fellow, recently published “Black Lives Matter and Catholic Whiteness: A Tale of Two Performances” in the December 2017 issue of Horizons: The Journal of the College Theology Society.