Course Development Fellowships

Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture

Call for Proposals

Due May 1, 2024

ICTC invites you to apply for the 2024-2025 ICTC Faculty Course Development Summer Fellowships. We will be accepting applications for the Summer Faculty Research Fellowship to fund projects that advance the University’s Jesuit Catholic Mission through faculty research or teaching. Please note that we have moved the application period for Course Development Grants to the spring.

  1. Summer Course Development Fellowships for Faculty ($3,000). APPLICATION PERIOD MOVED TO SPRING (we’ll send an announcement in March, for a May 1 application deadline). This fellowship includes a required one-day intensive summer workshop on the Catholic intellectual tradition and an opportunity to request a faculty colleague to function as mentor as you develop your course. Such a model will encourage faculty who are interested in engaging with the Catholic intellectual tradition but do not feel adequately prepared to do so. The stipend of $3,000 will be offered in two parts: one portion at the beginning of the program and the remainder once the course syllabus is submitted, by the end of the academic year.

Past recipients and their representative projects include:

  • "Visual Culture and Catholicism,” Kirsten Thompson, PhD, College of Arts & Sciences (course development);
  • "Christian and Muslim Political Thought,” Maria Tedesco, PhD, College of Arts & Sciences (course development);
  • "Global Perspectives on Mental Health,” Anne Farina, PhD, College of Arts & Sciences (course development);
  • "On the Edges of Catholic Consciousness: Eastern Catholic in the United States,” Jaisy Joseph, PhD, College of Arts & Sciences (research);
  • "Black Catholic Educators on Teaching for Justice: Reflections on Identity, Wholeness, and Reconciliation," Charisse Cowan Pitre, PhD, College of Education (research);
  • "Challenges to Thriving for the Marshallese Community in Washington State," Robin Narruhn, PhD, MN, RN, College of Nursing (research).

I am available to meet with anyone who has questions, please email me at

Proposals will be reviewed by May 1, 2024. Submissions should be made to

Thank you,

Jeanette Rodriguez, Ph.D., 

Executive Director, Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture


Catholic Thought and Culture Course Development Summer Stipends encourage faculty to create course offerings that provide students the opportunities to engage with the Catholic Intellectual Tradition in its multidisciplinary manifestations. Courses are developed for multiple departments including arts, sciences, humanities, business, education and nursing. These grants are intended to lead to courses that will enrich the university’s Catholic Studies Program. 

“If the search for “the historical Jesus” is futile, at least we can place him in a wider historical context. But that requires knowledge of Jewish, Hellenistics, Roman and early Christian history. To weave all together in to a tapestry attractice and compelling to students requires interdisciplinary work—and time for reflection—that few of us can afford. The grant thus enables important work that could otherwise go undone for lack of support.”

–David Madsen, PhD, Associate Professor, History, 2013 ICTC Course Development Summer Stipend Recipient

Application Materials: Course Development Fellowship