Course Development Grant Recipients

2023-2024 Awards

Photo of Heath Spencer

Heath Spencer

PhD, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of History

Global Migration and Human Dignity

Photo of Sarah Cate

Sarah Cate

PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

Public Policy Process

2022-2023 Awards

Photo of Stacey Jones

Stacey Jones

PhD, Senior Instructor, Albers School of Business and Economics

Economics of Inequality

2021-2022 Awards

Photo of Yancy Dominick

Yancy Dominick

Senior Instructor, Philosophy

Radical Ethics

Photo of Ted Fortier

Ted Fortier

Associate Professor, Anthropology and Sociology

Evolution, Darwin, & Humanity

Photo of Lyn Gualtieri

Lyn Gualtieri

Senior Instructor

Environmental Science
College of Science and Engineering

Applying Ignatian Pedagogy to the Natural Sciences: UCOR 1800 course redesign

Photo of Julie Homchick Crowe

Julie Homchick Crowe

Assistant Professor, Communication

Scientific Controversies

Photo of Lynn Hofstad

Lynn Hofstad

Lecturer, Theology and Religious Studies

Perspectives on Jesus

2020-2021 Awards

2019-2020 Awards

Photo of Aakanksha Sinha, PhD

Aakanksha Sinha, PhD

Assistant Professor

Developing a University Core Curriculum on Global Food Justice

Photo of Benjamin Howe, PhD

Benjamin Howe, PhD

Associate Director, Matteo Ricci Institute
Senior Instructor

The Applied Ethics Workshop

Photo of Wesley Howard-Brook, JD, MDiv

Wesley Howard-Brook, JD, MDiv

Senior Instructor, Theology and Religious Studies

King David, Godfather:Parallel Paths From Underdog Heroics to Imperial Domination in the Bible, Film and US History

Photo of Colette Taylor, EdD

Colette Taylor, EdD

Program Director, Educational Leadership (EDLR)
Associate Professor, Educational Leadership (EDLR)

Catholic Educational Leadership and Administration 

Photo of Rebecca Cobb, PhD, LMFT

Rebecca Cobb, PhD, LMFT

Clinical Coordinator, Couples & Family Therapy Program
Assistant Clinical Professor

STMC 5750 Systems of Trauma Treatment

2018-2019 Awards

Photo of Beatrice Lawrence, PhD

Beatrice Lawrence, PhD

Associate Professor, Theology and Religious Studies

“Jewish and Catholic Engagement: The Road Behind, and the Road Ahead”

2017-2018 Awards

Photo of Kan Liang, PhD

Kan Liang, PhD

Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Associate Professor, History
Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program

"Christianity in China"

Photo of Emily Lieb, PhD

Emily Lieb, PhD

Assistant Professor, Matteo Ricci College

"Catholic Social Teaching and American Social Movements in the 20th Century"

Photo of Patrick J. M. Murphy, PhD

Patrick J. M. Murphy, PhD

Associate Professor, Nursing

"HIV/AIDS: Cura Personalis and the Catholic Spirit" 

Photo of Daniel Washburn, PhD

Daniel Washburn, PhD

Associate Dean, Matteo Ricci College
Instructor, Matteo Ricci College

"Justice, Jesuits, and Catholic Social Teaching"


2016-2017 Awards

Photo of Terri Clark, PhD

Terri Clark, PhD

Associate Professor, Nursing

"Philosophy of Nursing" (a graduate course)

Photo of Ali Altaf Mian, PhD

Ali Altaf Mian, PhD

Assistant Professor, Theology and Religious Studies

"Teaching Comparative Mysticism: Christian Spirituality and Sufism"

Photo of Jennifer Tilghman-Havens, MSW/MPA

Jennifer Tilghman-Havens, MSW/MPA

Associate Director, Office of Jesuit Mission & Identity

"Becoming a Transforming Leader, Incorporating Catholic Social Teaching"

2015-2016 Awards

Photo of Serena Cosgrove, PhD

Serena Cosgrove, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mateo Ricci College
Associate Appointment, International Studies Program

"Walking in the Steps: The Spirituality of St. Ignatius in Historical Perspective"

2014-2015 Awards

Photo of Tracey Pepper, MA

Tracey Pepper, MA

Lecturer, History
Associate Appointment, Women and Gender Studies

"The European Witch Hunts"

2013-2014 Awards

Photo of Lex Xuan Hy, PhD

Lex Xuan Hy, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychology
Director, Catholic Studies Program

"Cultural Psychology of Religion: Practice and Research"

Photo of Dave Madsen, PhD

Dave Madsen, PhD

Associate Professor, PhD

"Greco-Roman and Judaic World, 200 BCE-200 CE"

Photo of Jeanette Rodriguez

Jeanette Rodriguez

Professor, Theology and Religious Studies

"Holocaust and the Christian World"