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Seattle University offers an array of additional services to take your program to the next level. Your CES event coordinator will manage all these arrangements on your behalf so that you can send your requests from as few people as possible, giving you more time to plan your program. Use the below buttons to skip learn more about the numerous services available for your next event at Seattle University.

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Event Coordination

An experienced event coordinator is assigned to every meeting and event -- regardless of size -- to assist with your program logistics. Your coordinator is available to answer questions, offer advice, manage arrangements with other campus departments, and more to ensure you have a smooth and stress-free experience.

Room Diagramming

To help clients visualize their event in both a 2D and 3D formats for all of our configurable event spaces, we use Social Tables to create a visual plan for how event equipment (e.g. tables, chairs, staging) will be placed. With multiple options available to collaborate on a diagram, we are confident that you will have a floor plan that is navigable, comfortable, and safe.

Venue Set Up and Tear Down

Your venue or meeting space will be completely set up according the plan arranged with your event coordinator prior to your arrival the day-of your event, and our team will take care of removing event equipment after your event. If you have requested any audiovisual equipment for your event, we will make sure that is also set up and ready to go prior to your arrival.

On-Site Support

We want you to feel comfortable and supported throughout the event planning process, especially on the day of your program, and we have several on-site support options available.*

  • Student Event Production Crew: Our production team is charged with supporting the physical configuration of our event spaces. They are just a phone call away should you need minimal additional equipment, custodial assistance, or just have a question about the venue.
  • Student Event Monitor: Our event monitors are part of our production team and receive additional training to provide a more personal level of support for events, oftentimes being dedicated to a single event.
  • Full-Time Staff Event Monitor: For events with more moving pieces, your event coordinator or other full-time staff member may choose to be on-site for a portion or entirety of your program.

*Be sure to discuss on-site support options with your coordinator prior to the deadlines listed in your event contract to ensure staffing availability.

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Event Parking

Seattle University utilizes the PayByPhone system to manage event parking across campus. This is the same web- and app-based system used for much of the street parking and parking lots throughout the city. With several different options for registering and paying for parking, event organizers and attendees alike can now look forward to a more efficient event parking experience at Seattle University. You can learn more on Transportation and Parking Service's Parking Page.

Given our proximity to downtown and surrounding neighborhoods with high population density, parking is limited. Event attendees are encouraged to take full advantage of the world-class public transportation systems that surround campus including multiple bus lines, the First Hill Street Car, and the Link Light Rail.

How do I get to Seattle University?                                            Download Event Parking Map

Sponsored Parking

Event organizers who choose to cover the cost of parking for some or all attendees will receive a discount on parking fees. Attendees will be able to register for parking in advance simply by entering their license plate into an event-specific registration form. The form is accessible through a link that organizers send to attendees prior to the event. The total parking charge for the total number of vehicles registered for the event will be added to the master invoice.

Sponsored Parking Rates
Hours Rate
0 - 2 $6.00
2 - 4 $12.00
Full Day $15.00
Evenings (after 5 p.m.) $6.00
Weekends (all day) $6.00


Visitor Parking

Attendees paying for parking themselves can do so quickly through the PayByPhone smartphone application or website by selecting the Seattle University location code (31913) and registering their vehicle information. Attendees can also register and pay for parking using one of three parking pay stations located around campus. A campus map with all parking locations can be found in the Event Parking Map linked above.

Visitor Parking Rates
Hours Rate
0 - 2 $8.00
2 - 4 $12.00
4 - 8 (till 5pm) $18.00
24 hours $20.00
Evenings (5pm - 6am) $8.00
Sunday (6am - 6pm) $8.00


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Signage and Printing

Getting around Seattle University is made easy with the abundance of wayfinding and building signage and the large campus maps found throughout our 50-acre campus. For events with more extensive signage needs, we have options available for every budget. If you have other signage or print service needs beyond what is listed here, connect with your coordinator to discuss how we can help!

Building Directional Signage

To supplement the existing built-in signage and campus maps, we can provide a few building directional signs in strategic locations around campus. These come in the form of an a-frame sign listing a building name along with an arrow pointing in that building's direction. An example of a building directional sign is provided below.

Example of standard directional signage on a CES a-frame.

Customized Signage

Customized signage can be printed using our in-house printing service, Reprographics. Provide your event coordinator with a high-resolution, scalable PDF, and we'll take care of the rest! Your event coordinator will work with the printers to print the signage, and our production team will set the signage out according to the signage plan arranged with your coordinator.

Reprographics Signage Rates
Item Rate
18" x 24" Paper Poster $8.73
18" x 24" Laminated Poster $15.03
18" x 24" Corrugated Sign with Vinyl Overlay $58.00
24" x 36" Paper Poster $17.46
24" x 36" Laminated Poster $26.91
24" x 36" Corrugated Sign with Vinyl Overlay $65.00


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Safety and security oversight for the campus community is provided by the Department of Public Safety (DPS). DPS officers monitor campus buildings and outside areas 24/7 and are trained in a variety of services including first aid, CPR, AED, and de-escalation techniques. For an hourly fee, an officer can be scheduled for your program. Your coordinator can also assist with hiring a third-party, unarmed security company if necessary.


Vendor Arrangements

Our team has cultivated relationships with many third-party event rental and service providers across the city and region, and your coordinator help manage any rentals you may need. In many cases, we can request quotes, place orders, coordinate deliveries and pickups, and even pay the vendor on your behalf. In these cases, the vendor charges will be added to the master invoice without any extra markup.

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