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Bonded Buildings

A number of campus buildings were built with public tax bonds and, as such, can only be used by certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. These are known as bonded buildings. A copy of an organization's exemption letter from the IRS is required for any event scheduled in a bonded building which includes the following buildings:

  • Advancement and Alumni Building
  • Chardin Hall
  • Harding Building
  • Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons
  • Student Center

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Deadlines and Event Timeline

For any event to be successful, following a timeline and meeting key deadlines is critical. To ensure that we have all the information available to support your program and we have ample time to coordinate logistics, we have created the following timeline and list of hard deadlines for reference. You are more than welcome to submit requests and other required items in advance of these deadlines.

6 Months Out

  • Earliest an event can be confirmed and a contract signed

30 Days Out

  • Return signed contract, reservation deposit, and requested documents
  • Submit initial day-of-event support needs

20 Days Out

  • Submit initial catering requests to Emerald Plate Catering

10 Days Out

  • Confirm event technology requirements
  • Confirm venue setup requirements
  • Confirm parking arrangements
  • Submit order for on-campus print jobs (e.g. signage)

5 Days Out

  • Submit written agenda or program for the event

Food truck lunch on the Quad for 2019 Crosscut Festival

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All decorations must have prior approval from Conference and Event Services. The program is responsible for removal and disposal of all decorations immediately after the event.

Prohibited Items

  • Helium balloons
  • Confetti and glitter
  • Open flames and fog/smoke machines
  • Any object that may puncture walls, woodwork, tables, chairs or staging (e.g. staples, nails, tacks)
  • Any tape or adhesive that may cause damage to walls, windows, or flooring
  • Decorations suspended from ceilings, light fixtures or curtains

Permitted Items

  • Blue painter's tape to affix decorations to walls or windows.
  • Stand up decorations
  • Balloons filled with air (not helium)
  • Battery-operated candles
  • Fresh flowers or similar centerpieces

Download the Campus Decoration Policy

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Event Liability Insurance

All external clients must carry a general liability insurance policy with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence and name Seattle University as an additional insured. A copy of the certificate of coverage will be required prior to the event.

Seattle University has partnered with University Risk Management and Insurance Association (URMIA) to supply TULIP coverage, which is commonly known as "events coverage." This low-cost option meets our requirements and can be purchased in a few short steps.

Visit the TULIP Website                                            Download Event Liability Insurance Information

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Promotional Materials

The name of Seattle University or its insignia is not allowed in any publication, except to state as a location where the conference will be held.

Sponsorship or endorsement by Seattle University may not be implied without advance permission by Seattle University officials.

All publications and advertisements using the Seattle University name or insignia must be reviewed and approved by the Conference and Event Services office prior to distribution and/or publishing.

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Special Designation

Seattle University occasionally partners with external entities, such as organizations and companies, to offer events on campus that further the goals and mission of the university. These partnership events may be eligible to receive special consideration in space reservation priority as well as discounts in facility and technology rental fees if the event is granted a special designation. There are three designations possible:

  • Co-Sponsored Program
  • Hosted Program
  • Designated Seattle University Program

Each designation is further explained below. You may also click the following button to download the Special Designation Overview in a full PDF format.

Download Special Designation Overview

Co-sponsored programs

Co-sponsored programs are not Seattle University events; however, Seattle University may derive some benefit from allowing the program to take place in Seattle University facilities or from affiliation with the organization associated with the program. The organization — not Seattle University — is primarily responsible for determining the content, agenda, logistical arrangements, and costs for the event. Rates for co-sponsored programs are designed to cover Seattle University costs related to the event.

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Hosted programs

Hosted programs are not Seattle University programs. Seattle University derives benefit from holding the program on campus or from affiliation with the organization associated with the program. The organization — not Seattle University — is primarily responsible for determining the content, agenda, logistical arrangements, and costs for the event. In addition, the benefit of the event, or the benefit of the relationship to the entity putting on the event, is of such significance to Seattle University that it is appropriate for the university to not seek reimbursement for some of the regular costs that would be incurred by having the program on campus.

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Designated Seattle University programs

Designated Seattle University programs may not necessarily be immediately identifiable as Seattle University events; because they do have some involvement with an external entity, the program's relationship with the university must be clarified. A Seattle University entity determines the curriculum and content of the program and must plan and organize the program's logistics. A Designated Seattle University program must be advertised and promoted as a Seattle University event.

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Request Process

To request any one of the three available designations (Co-Sponsored, Hosted, or Designated Seattle University Program), the following process must be followed. Contact your event coordinator with any questions.

  1. The organization responsible for the event must make the facility reservation directly with CES.
  2. The Seattle University entity sponsoring the program must complete the Request for Special Designation Form and include an explanation for why Seattle University should waive or discount fees for the program.
    • The explanation include answers to all five questions on the top of the second page.
  3. The sponsoring office must then have the appropriate authority review and digitally sign the request form in the section labeled "Area Vice President or Dean." This signature indicates their approval of the request. 
  4. The signed form must then be submitted to CES, via email, for determination by Director of CES.
  5. CES will submit the request with the CES determination to the Executive Vice President for final authorization or denial. 
  6. Both the sponsoring office and external entity will be contacted with the final decision. 

Until all three signatories have indicated their approval for the request by digitally signing the Request for Special Designation form, the sponsoring office must not confirm any level of Special Designation for the event with the external entity. The assigned CES event coordinator will contact both the sponsoring office and external organization when the request has been approved or denied. 

Download the Request for Special Designation Form

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