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Conference and Event Services (CES) is now University Events! In the coming months, you'll see some exciting changes to our website.  

While we've got a new name, we are still just as committed to providing seamless, quality event management and support to ensure that your event will be successful and memorable on the Seattle University campus. 

Tell us what a successful event means for you, and we will give you the guidance and support you need to make your event planning process smooth and easy!

Request Space on Campus

Need to reserve space on campus? Use our self-service app!

The EMS Web App is the fastest and easiest way to submit room requests!

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Internal Events

Internal events are programs created, operated, and overseen by a Seattle University department, division, recognized student group, and/or recognized organization.

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External Events

External events are programs hosted at Seattle University but primarily created by — and for the benefit of — individuals, community groups, and/or external organizations.

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Overnight Conferences

Overnight conferences are programs that will involve overnight campus housing (generally summer only).

Over 50,000 bookings per year

Through online reservations, email requests, and phone inquiries

Over 5,000 events per year

Directly supported and serviced by University Events staff members

Full Time Staff Members

Supported by 30+ student employees

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