Plan an Event

CES is committed to providing seamless, quality event management and support to ensure that conferences, events and meetings are successful and memorable on the Seattle University campus.

Below is a guide that can be used as a resource for all SU students, faculty, and staff who coordinate on-campus events.

Our team is here to serve as the single point-of-contact for coordinating all logistical details for events including room reservations; audio/visual and presentation information; parking; catering; and various other needs.

For any specific questions about your event, please contact your Event Coordinator, or the CES front desk at (206) 296-5620 or

1. Create a Vision

As a planner, you have the opportunity to create a unique and meaningful event experience. Before submitting an event request, make sure that you take the time to transform your creative vision into a practical plan. Reflect on key goals and objectives, establish a budget, and explore opportunities for collaboration, marketing, and sustainability.

2. Reserve a Space

The EMS Web App (formerly VEMS) is the primary tool on campus for requesting and reserving major event spaces, conference rooms, classrooms, computer labs, and vans.

EMS Web App

Once the necessary information is received, one of our Client Services Assistants (CSAs) will review your request, and tentatively reserve facilities for the proposed program. It will then be determined if the nature of the event requires that an Event Coordinator be assigned. The CSA will then send a confirmation to you, along with further information on the planning process and from whom you can request further information or support.

3. Work with your Coordinator

Our talented staff is here to provide you with excellent event and conference services from start to finish!