The Center for Community Engagement connects campus and community to pursue a more just and humane world.  

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Founded in 2004, the Center for Community Engagement is a dynamic outgrowth of Seattle University’s Jesuit Catholic tradition and mission of “educating the whole person, to professional formation and to empowering leaders for a just and humane world.”  The Center serves as the main entry point for students, faculty and staff who want to engage in the local community.  The Center also acts as the focal point for community-based organizations and government institutions seeking University support to address unmet community needs. The Center encourages all forms of community engagement including direct service, philanthropy, activism, political participation, social entrepreneurship, community-based research and advocacy.

The Center’s signature focus is the Seattle University Youth Initiative (SUYI).  Since 2011, the Youth Initiative unites the campus and its wider community to enhance Seattle U students’ learning and improve the academic achievement of 1,000+ neighborhood youth from low-income backgrounds. The Center pursues SUYI’s goals through a holistic approach focusing on strong schools, stable housing, access to health care, safe neighborhoods and living-wage jobs. Learn more about the Seattle University Youth Initiative here.


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