Community Engaged Learning

What is Community Engaged Learning?

Community Engaged Learning is a credit-bearing educational experience that applies course material to contribute to equitable solutions for issues impacting one or more communities. Community engaged learning courses include reflection activities that integrate students' learning across classroom and community contexts.  

CCE works with faculty from every school and college at Seattle University to integrate community engagement into their courses. While every discipline and partnership is unique, we define three major types of CEL courses:

  • Local Community Context: These courses support students to contribute to a more just and humane world by teaching them how issues are impacting a local community, showing them how others are responding to that issue, and guiding them to take action.
  • Placement-based Courses: Students work with a community organization for a specified number of hours throughout their course. Faculty support students to connect their experiences to course content.
  • Project-based Courses: Students complete a project that responds to the needs and priorities of a community or community-based organization. Students learn through practicing skills and reflecting on how their work contributes to broader impacts.

CEL At Seattle U