RAMP at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School

Partnering with teachers, administrators, families and caregivers, the Redhawk Academic Mentoring Program (RAMP) at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School seeks to serve a diverse demographic with inclusive instruction, academic excellence, educational justice, and to build strong connections for scholars between school, home and community.

Bailey Gatzert Elementary School

Located in Seattle's Central District, Bailey Gatzert Elementary School serves more than 350 scholars from Kindergarten to 5th grade, with a mission to promote academic excellence and educational justice.

Seattle University partners with teachers, school administrators, and staff from local organizations to provide Bailey Gatzert Elementary students and families with academic support, social-emotional learning, homework, in-class mentoring, literacy, science and other enrichment activities. This includes our after-school program Redhawk Academic Mentoring Programming (RAMP) and in-classroom support.

These programs are facilitated by full-time Seattle University staff members, part-time undergraduate student employees and a graduate assistant.

All of our programs aim to:

  • Foster a welcoming environment for scholars who benefit from additional academic support
  • Design and implement group lessons on reading, writing, and math
  • Lead community-building activities to strengthen scholars’ sense of belonging
  • Facilitate relationship-building and social-emotional learning opportunities

We offer an academic-based after school program for enrolled scholars in grades K through 5. The program features a structured schedule including community-building activities, homework assistance, guided lessons in core academic subjects and movement breaks.

Scholars are grouped into grade-level cohorts (K-1, 2-3 and 4-5) to create developmentally appropriate programming. Through collaboration with Bailey Gatzert Elementary educators, we align our activities with their current learning objectives in school. Our mentor team designs lesson plans and creates materials tailored to scholars' needs to facilitate engaging and inclusive instruction.

By collaborating with Bailey Gatzert Elementary teachers and academic specialists, we place mentors in classrooms to provide teacher assistance and 1:1 tutoring. By being in the classroom, mentors build relationships with both scholars and educators in order to provide individualized support during the school day. Additionally, we coordinate volunteers for school events and field trips.

Through partnerships with community organizations, we aim to establish strong connections between school, home and community. The RAMP program serves as a bridge to connect Bailey Gatzert families with Seattle University's Center for Community Engagement Family Engagement program and external resources. Through these partnerships, we strive to create a supportive network that promotes scholars' educational and personal growth.


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