Photo of Sabrina Alex

Sabrina Alex

Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 206.220.8567

Job in a Tweet

"I approach my work through a mindset of care and learning as the touch point for office-wide experiences, systems, and administrative needs."

Photo of Nakiya Baker

Nakiya Baker

Washington Middle School Site Manager

Phone: 206.296.2570

Job in a Tweet

"Connecting Seattle University mentors with middle school scholars to create a relationship of trust, compassion, and mutual respect to further educational equity."

Photo of Hayley Beaver

Hayley Beaver

Interim Bailey Gatzert School Success Manager

Job in a Tweet

"I connect SU students and elementary school scholars with in-classroom support and after-school enrichment through community building based on trust, shared interest, and having a passion for learning."

Photo of Michelle Cruver

Michelle Cruver

Senior Director of Strategy, Impact, and Learning

Job in a tweet:

"My role is to cultivate community/campus networks for impact."

Photo of Sarah Hernandez-Torres

Sarah Hernandez-Torres

Jumpstart Site Manager

Phone: 206.296.2572

Job in a Tweet

"Providing college students with the training, coaching, and support to implement jumpstart curriculum, build authentic relationships, and help all children build the key language and literacy skills they need to take on the world."

Photo of LaKesha Kimbrough

LaKesha Kimbrough

Senior Director of the Seattle University Youth Initiative

Phone: 206.398.4626

Job in a Tweet

"Partnering on the journey of discovery and transformation, creating and holding space for growth in all its forms, having fun and learning along the way."

Photo of Kent Koth

Kent Koth

Executive Director

Phone: 206.296.2329

Job in a Tweet

"I guide the development of our strategies and emerging partnerships. I share our story of connecting campus and community with anyone who will listen."

Photo of Gia G. Ledesma

Gia G. Ledesma

Family Engagement Manager

Phone: 206.296.6411

Job in a Tweet

"I work with families, community leaders, schools, and community organizations to support family engagement within the SUYI Pathway."

Photo of Jaime Macadangdang

Jaime Macadangdang

Senior Director for Operations

Phone: 206.220.8568

Job in a Tweet

"I lead a team that develops, manages, and refines the financial and administrative processes and policies for the CCE office."

Photo of Gelsey Belle Manipon

Gelsey Belle Manipon

Post Undergraduate Shinnyo Fellow

Job in a Tweet

"Walking alongside our scholars on my path to peace as an educator."

Photo of Britta McClure

Britta McClure

Graduate Coordinator for Community Engagement

Job in a Tweet

"I support our Community-Engaged Learning program as a student employee. Some of my work is administrative and some of it is communications-oriented, but all of it is done with enthusiasm for transformative learning experiences!"

Photo of Dr. Cecilia Morales, PhD

Dr. Cecilia Morales, PhD

Senior Director of Campus and Community Partnerships

Phone: 206.296.2327

Job in a Tweet

"Pursuing deep community impact through equitable campus-community partnerships that engage faculty and students in transformative learning."

Photo of Aileah Slepski

Aileah Slepski

Associate Director of Campus Engagement

Phone: 206.296.2339

Job in a Tweet

"Creating opportunities for students, campus, and community to engage and connect in meaningful ways."

Photo of Makaelah Smith

Makaelah Smith

Change Makers Program Manager

Phone: 206.220.8246

Job in a Tweet

"Supporting our team, students, and larger community as we all learn and transform together."

Photo of Nicholas Stubbs

Nicholas Stubbs

Community Partnerships Manager

Phone: 206.220.8573

Job in a Tweet 

"I support nonprofit organizations in developing and sustaining long-term, reciprocal relationships with Seattle U faculty members, and support students who engage in both academic and co-curricular service experiences with partner organizations."

Photo of Lauren Thurlow

Lauren Thurlow

Finance Manager

Phone: 206.220.8571

Job in a Tweet

"My work consists of processing, tracking, and analyzing all payments and purchases that come through the CCE to ensure compliance and long-term solvency. Additionally, I support student employment, grant compliance, and have the privilege of working directly with the CCE’s fantastic Student Office Assistant, Janae!"

Photo of Lupita Torrez

Lupita Torrez

Early Learning Manager

Phone: 206.296.2326

Job in Tweet

"Supporting our little neighbors and their families to flourish and thrive in life."

Photo of Rukeya Yassen

Rukeya Yassen

Bailey Gatzert Mentoring Programming Graduate Assistant

Job in a Tweet 

"I provide support to the Bailey Gatzert’s School Success Manager within the Redhawk Academic Afterschool Program. This program supports elementary school scholars with academics and social emotional learning."