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Meet the amazing staff of the Center for Community Engagement! Click on anyone's name or photo to learn more about them. 


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Photo of Colina Bruce

Colina Bruce

Director of Educational Partnerships

Phone: 206.220.8573


My job description in a Tweet

"The day to day stuff changes, but the mission is always the same: Empowering families to advocate for the success of their kiddos! :)"

Photo of Erin Burrows '20

Erin Burrows '20

BA, MA, Women's History, Sarah Lawrence College
MFA in Arts Leadership, Seattle University

Marketing and Communications Strategist

Phone: 206.220.8567

My job description in a Tweet

"CCE wordsmith, documentarian and storyteller."

National Staff Lead for the Place-Based Justice Network (PBJN) 

Photo of Michelle Cruver

Michelle Cruver

Local Improvement Network Director

Job in a tweet:

Pursing success in math with elementary school students through a liberating, inclusive structure uniting schools and communities

Photo of David Cumpston

David Cumpston

AmeriCorps Member, Success Coordinator at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School

Phone: (909) 908-1218

Photo of Julie Hurst

Julie Hurst

Director of Campus Engagement

Phone: 206.296.2327


My job description in a Tweet

"I work with an amazing team who lives out the CCE mission daily while building relationships that connect classroom, campus and community."

Photo of Tess Honan

Tess Honan

Placement Coordinator

My job in a tweet is: Connecting campus and community through #communityengagedlearning #service-learning #coordinating #administrativesupport 

Photo of LeKesha Kimbrough

LeKesha Kimbrough

Washington Middle School Site Manager

Phone: (206) 252-2600

My job in a tweet:

Partnering on the journey of discovery and transformation, creating and holding space for growth in all its forms, having fun and learning along the way.

Photo of Kent Koth

Kent Koth

Executive Director

Phone: 206.296.2329


My job description in a Tweet

"I guide the development of our strategies and emerging partnerships. I share our story of connecting campus and community with anyone who will listen."

Photo of Gia G. Ledesma

Gia G. Ledesma

Family Engagement Manager

Phone: (206) 296-6411

Supporting families, learning from families, & engaging with our community.

Photo of Jaime Macadangdang

Jaime Macadangdang

Director of Finance and Operations

Phone: 206.220.8568


My job description in a Tweet

"My job is to process, track, and analyze the money that comes in and out of the Center. The work ensures that we pay for goods and services, stay accountable to our funders, and exercise responsible and strategic financial decision-making."

Photo of Lauren Maland

Lauren Maland

AmeriCorps Vista Washington Middle School Success Coordinator

Phone: (253) 237-3581

Bringing SU students and WMS scholars together in community to learn from one another and support the development of tomorrow’s change makers.

Photo of Jermaine Lark C. Rocacorba

Jermaine Lark C. Rocacorba

Coordinator of Student Leadership

Contributing to strengthen community relationships by developing student leaders to be active global compassionate community-centered leaders.


Photo of Carlo Luigi Sanchez

Carlo Luigi Sanchez

Post-Graduate Shinnyo Fellow

I work with campus partners and the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) to fulfill a larger peace initiative for the Shinnyo Foundation! I love my CCE community!

Photo of Elizabeth Seymour

Elizabeth Seymour

Associate Director for Faculty Engagement

Phone: 206.398.4626


My job description in a Tweet

"I help faculty incorporate service-learning into their courses and connect them with community partners."

Photo of Aileah Slepski

Aileah Slepski

Program Manager, Jumpstart

Phone: 206.296.2339


My job description in a Tweet

"Working towards the day that every child in America enters Kindergarten prepared to succeed!"

Photo of Khyree Smith

Khyree Smith

Bailey Gatzert Elementary School Success Manager

Phone: 206.446.3034


My job description in a Tweet

Khyree manages educational and enrichment programming for Bailey Gatzert students, families and staff. Equal parts serious and shenanigans.

Photo of Lauren Thurlow

Lauren Thurlow

Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone: (206) 296-2569

My job in a tweet: 

I am the keeper of keys, and the first line of defense as you enter the CCE. If you have any administrative needs, I’m your gal!

Photo of Lupita Torrez

Lupita Torrez

Early Learning Manager

Phone: 206-296-2326

Photo of Alfe Wood

Alfe Wood

Operations Manager for Network Design

Phone: 206.296.8570

My job description in a tweet

Centering students, their families, and communities in working towards equity in education. 

Photo of Dale Yee

Dale Yee

Associate Director for Network Design

Phone: 206.296.8554

My job description in a tweet

Empathetic communication practices, amplifying collective intelligence, and designing WITH not FOR community one project at a time.