Advance the Field

Advance The Field

The Youth Initiative focuses on connecting Seattle U and its local neighborhoods and is also having a national impact. Lessons learned locally are influencing other universities and communities.

Over the past several years, the Center for Community Engagement has hosted a series of national institutes attended by teams from over 25 universities across the United States and Canada. These institutes build community and create a space to share best practices among colleges and universities engaged in place-based efforts like the Youth Initiative.

Building upon these gatherings and with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Center for Community Engagement is creating a cohesive national network - the Place-Based Justice Network. 

Seattle U is a leader in Community Engaged Learning, and it shows. Our impact in our local community and across the country is having a national impact in amazing ways.

The Place-Based Justice Network (PBJN) is a learning community committed to transforming higher education and our communities by deconstructing systems of oppression through place-based community engagement.

The Learning for Equity Network (LEN) brings BIPOC families, teachers, and school leaders together to build equitable learning environments for students in local elementary schools.