Redhawk Landing

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Redhawk Landing’s mentoring and networking platform opens doors for students and alumni alike, connecting them to a powerful online resource where Seattle University's community members can build purposeful connections and mentoring.

Join Redhawk Landing

How can I get the most out of Redhawk Landing? 

  • Network with other Redhawks. Select "Explore The Community" tab and use the search tool to find Redhawks in your areas of interest. You can connect online, set up a video chat or meet in person when it is safe to do so. 
  • Join a group. Check out the groups created based on region and interest. Groups are a great way to learn about industry trends and regional events in the Redhawk Landing community. 
  • Start a discussion. Use the Discussion tab to post or answer questions to other alumni and students.  
  • Access resources. Explore topical articles, webinars and tools posted in the Resources section. 
  • Invite classmates. Use the email tool or referral link to encourage your friends and colleagues to join Redhawk Landing. 
  • Be active! We encourage you to ask questions. Everyone in Redhawk Landing is here to connect and support one another. 


Connect with Alumni for Career Insights and Build Your Network

  • Connect with alumni -- Learn from alumni about the world of work and their experience at Seattle U. 

  • Customize your request -- Propose topics, suggest available dates/times, and use the draft email provided to schedule an informational interview via phone, video chat, or in-person meeting.

  • Find common interests -- Explore the Community of alumni who have joined Redhawk Landing to assist current students through searching by major, school/college, location, industry, job function, affinity groups, and more.


Make Meaningful Connections in Your Career and Build Community

  • Share advice -- Share your expertise, assist  students navigating their careers, add your voice to the discussions and answer quick questions via the message feature or by scheduling a 30-minute conversation.

  • Make connections based on common interests -- Connect Alumni to Alumni and Alumni to Student, who share your background, interests, or other affiliations.

  • Re-engage with past and present student clubs and organizations that you were previously a member of.