Employer Engagement

The university will continue to offer primarily in-person classes for the summer with a few exceptions for graduate courses and other classes with pedagogical reasons for delivering online learning. The Career Engagement programming will be a mix of in-person and virtual modes. 

Stay Connected: Meet virtually, email, or call to consult with our External Relations staff: Carol LwaliAngela Cabatbat, and Christian Russell are here to support you. And we are actively reaching out to our employer partners to share virtual engagement opportunities and assess hiring needs and plans.

Save the Date: October 12, 2023

Business & Engineering Industry Career Fair


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Handshake is the one-stop-shop for companies, public services, non-profits, and organizations of all shapes and sizes to find, recruit and hire the best Seattle U students and alumni.

Handshake invites you to post jobs, internships, and events at no cost. By listing your events, we can promote them to our students, enabling you to track RSVPs as students sign up and follow up with them after. Examples of virtual events include Q&As, Ask Me Anything (AMAs), skill-building workshops, and employee panels.

Handshake How-To

 Visit Handshake's Employer Blog for best practices, tips and trends on recruiting students and recent graduates.

Employers and Industry

Virtual Career Event Ideas

Let's collaborate and organize recruiting events together.

  1. Hiring Now Virtual Job Fair
  2. Mock Interviews & Resume Reviews
  3. Recruiter Perspective, ERG Panels
  4. Virtual Career Treks
  5. Ask Me Anything or Ask the CEO
  6. A day in the life of (Virtual Job Shadow)
  7. Meet the interns
Remote Internship Tips

Make a remote experience as valuable as possible for both the organizations and the intern.

  1. Transform orientation to accommodate this new reality. Now more than ever will set the tone and sense of connectedness between the intern and the organization.
  2. Consider creating a work plan or learning plan with your interns at the start of the internship.
  3. Ensure remote interns have access to work tools.
  4. Provide clear instructions and deadlines to remote interns throughout their internship.
  5. Schedule regular check-ins and correspond directly with the intern at least twice a week by phone, email or video.
  6. Give have regular feedback to interns on their assigned projects.

Inclusion Champion

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