Post Graduation Career Outcomes

The First Destination Survey and Report provides data on where Seattle University graduates go after graduating- their "first destination".

Black graduation cap decorated with flowers and with the words “Closer To My Dreams”

What is the First Destination Survey? 

The First Destination Survey and Report provide data on where Redhawk graduates go after college - their "first destination". Using standards outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Career Engagement and Institutional Research provide the aggregate results in a report that shows: 

  • Success Rate
  • Employment Rate
  • Continuing Education Rate
  • Volunteer Service Rate
  • Military Service Rate
  • Still-Seeking Employment Rate 

The goal of the survey is to gather and measure data on students’ post-graduation outcomes within six months of graduation.

All Seattle University students completing a bachelor's or a graduate-level degree are encouraged to complete the First Destination Survey. Students can update their responses up to six months after commencement.   

About the First Destination Survey

Class of 2023 data can be expected Spring 2024 due to the nature of data collection, which includes a 6-month follow-up, among other initiatives requiring time to prepare the data. This process follows the protocol put forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

For students who have committed to a post-graduation outcome, the survey allows the University to highlight and celebrate that success. And for students who are still searching for what’s next, the Survey serves as a useful tool for Career Engagement to offer further support.

By answering this confidential survey, the university will receive critical data to help us fill in equity gaps and help ensure equitable access to careers for all students. 

NACE is responsible for developing and distributing standards and practices for higher education institutions to consider when conducting the survey. They also maintain a clearinghouse for national trends and other data related to the survey. 

The Career Engagement Office and Institutional Research are responsible for the administration of the Survey to all graduating students. Collaboratively, they manage the survey promotion, data collection and analysis, and reporting.

Graduating students are asked to complete the survey to the best of their ability, even if they haven’t finalized their post-graduation plans yet. Survey responses can be updated while the survey is open, and Career Engagement can provide additional support as needed.  

Faculty and staff are important partners in promoting the survey and ensuring that graduating students are familiar with the survey and how to complete it. Other departments may collaborate with additional promotional or analytical aspects of the survey administration. 

A lot can change during the months after graduation and it's common that at the time of graduation, many grads are still seeking employment or admission to a graduate program, so they can check that in the survey.  Graduates will have opportunities to update their information up to six months post-graduation. 

Graduating Redhawks can expect to receive an email a few weeks prior to their graduation date. Additional follow-up emails will be sent to students’ Seattle University email addresses. Outreach will be done by the Career Engagement Office in collaboration with other campus partners in person (tabling, grad fair, classroom visits, etc.) and through a social media campaign. 
Any additional outreach provided by campus partners is greatly appreciated. For more information or how to help, please contact Career Engagement.