Photo of Hilary Flanagan

Hilary Flanagan

Executive Director

Phone: 206.220.6088

Building/Room: PAVL 110E

My pronouns:  She, Her, Hers

Undergraduate alma mater: United States Coast Guard Academy

Graduate alma mater: University of Maine

Favorite place in the city: Hugging the shoreline swimming Lake Washington between Leschi and Madison Beach

Hobbies and interests: Triathlon, Travel, Outdoor Adventures, Board/Card Games, and Reading

Collegiate internship and job after graduation:  US Coast Guard Capitol Hill Intern; Weapons Officer on board a USCG Medium Endurance Cutter

Best piece of career advice I received: You work for them - not the other way around

How I lead a life of purpose and impact: Bringing my authentic self into every interaction; putting a strong value/priority on time for family, fun, sleep, fitness, nutrition, and professional development; striving to bring out the best in those around me as a renewable source of inspiration; and laughing 

My social justice areas of focus:  Serving Veterans, Literacy, Well-being, and Animal Welfare


Photo of Melissa Minato

Melissa Minato


Associate Director of Career Education

Phone: 206.296.8473

Building/Room: PAVL 110

My pronouns: she, her, hers

Undergraduate alma mater: Santa Clara University

Graduate alma mater: Seattle University, Master of Nonprofit Leadership ’20

Favorite place in the city: Fremont or Discovery Park

Hobbies and interests: Trying new restaurants, drinking coffee, spending time with friends, camping, letter writing, volunteering, Netflix binging

First internship or job: Catering Attendant (Food Service)

Best piece of career advice I received: Do not resist or shy away from discomfort. The projects that stretch you are often the projects that will enable you to grow the most.

How I lead a life of purpose and impact: I lead a life of purpose and impact by reflecting on my experiences, values, and gifts and applying this knowledge through intentional decision making. I strive to serve in work or volunteer positions that I know will create a positive impact on the community. This has led me through incredible experiences that range from Ameri Corps service, working with the YMCA, to serving on the YNPN Seattle board. In my personal time, I recharge by spending time with the people I love.

My social justice area of focus: Leadership development and civic engagement education for young adults, access to education for all, and family services.

Photo of Carol Lwali

Carol Lwali

M.B.A, M.A.

Associate Director of External Relations

Phone: 206.296.6177

My pronouns: She, her, hers or they, them, theirs

Undergraduate alma mater: Drury University

Graduate alma mater: Webster University

Favorite place in the city: Is it sunlit? ✔ And does it have a beach or view of a large body of water? ✔

Hobbies and interests: Travel, reading, event curation, and volunteering

First internship or job: Food Service: Cafeteria/catering/banquet attendant

Best piece of career advice I received: I’ve two that ring true to me - As you navigate through the rest of your life, surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you. Spend a lot of time with them and it will change your life. And the other is that there will be failures, roadblocks, and detours in our careers, but do not be discouraged. Instead, be persistent and resilient.

How I lead a life of purpose and impact: I try to live by this quote – “For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. - Nelson Mandela

My social justice area of focus: Human Rights, diversity, equity, and inclusion – particularly when it concerns immigrants, refugees, asylees and international persons. These communities are extremely vulnerable and frequently marginalized and excluded from realizing their full value.


Photo of Marijo Manaois

Marijo Manaois

Assistant Director of Career Education

Phone: 206-220-8278

Building/Room: PAVL 110

My pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Undergraduate alma mater: University of Washington

Favorite place in the city: Hood Famous Café + Bar

Hobbies and interests: Tennis, Movies, Board Games, Dancing and Singing

First internship or job: McDonalds Drive Thru

Best piece of career advice I received: Remember that a job, even a great job or a fantastic career, doesn’t give your life meaning, at least not by itself. Life is about what you learn, who you are or who you help. Don’t ever forget your community. When opportunity knocks on your door, make sure to keep it open so that others can enter as well.

How I lead a life of purpose and impact: By centering my work in service to others while practicing gratitude, humility, and joy.  Furthermore by mentoring and affirming talent in underserved communities.

My social justice area of focus: Identity focused community building and empowering marginalized youth of color into positions of leadership and impact.

Photo of Christian Russell

Christian Russell


Assistant Director of Career Engagement

Phone: 206.296.6080

My pronouns: He, Him, His

Favorite place in the city:  Madison Park Beach; swimming with endless views of Rainier and the Cascades

Hobbies and interests: Hiking, National Parks, exploring around the city, and everything Georgia. Usually found eating and drinking coffee.

First internship or job: Legislative Aide, Georgia House of Representatives

Best piece of career advice I received: Networking, networking, networking! I met my first boss by walking into their office and asked for an informational coffee meeting. I was hired two days later. 

How I lead a life of purpose and impact: Reminding myself of what kind of citizen I want to be. My favorite book, Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in Challenging Times, reminds me my efforts can do more for others and ourselves-than we may ever imagine, we don’t have to wait for the perfect situation to take action, change happens little by little - step by step, we should savor the journey of engagement-even if our ultimate goal is unknown, and the impact of our individual and collective effectiveness will often ripple outward in ways we can’t predict.

My social justice area of focus: Equitable access to resilient and sustainable communities, civic engagement, and social enterprise.

Photo of Angela Cabatbat

Angela Cabatbat

Assistant Director of External Relations

Phone: 206.296-6082

Building/Room: PAVL 110

Favorite Place(s) in the city/where you live:

Where I can have both water and mountain views

Hobbies & interests:

Travel, music, watching cooking, baking, and design shows, and spending time with family and friends

First job or internship:

Foodservice/catering attendant/dishwasher

Best piece of career advice you've received:

Your career story is always evolving

How I lead a life of purpose and impact:

Guided by values rooted in equity and justice in education and organizations

My social justice area of focus:

Advocacy, learning and training pathways, and career and leadership development

Photo of Kiyana Higa

Kiyana Higa


Career Engagement Specialist

Building/Room: PAVL 110

My pronouns: She/Her

Undergraduate alma mater: University of Hawaii at Manoa

Graduate School: Seattle University, In progress MAED School Counseling ‘23

Favorite place in the city: The Neighbor Lady...and Trader Joe’s.  I’ve lived my entire life thus far without access to Trader Joe’s, needless to say I’m stoked to be a bus ride away.   

Hobbies and interests: Food, being in the ocean, jumping around at live shows, food, traveling, salsa/bachata dancing, dinner parties with friends, karaoke, oh, and food.   

First internship or job:  A+ Leader at my old elementary school  

Best piece of career advice I received: When you’re interviewing, be as authentic as you can be.  Whatever version of you the company meets and hires is who they are expecting.  You want the company to see and appreciate your true potential and impact that you can bring to the table.   

How I lead a life of purpose and impact: Taking the time to listen to the stories of people and try to always put myself in their shoes to better understand where they are coming from, what their barriers may be, what I can learn, and how I can help.      

My social justice area of focus: Community building and creating equal opportunity and access to education for all people.   

Photo of Carlo Sanchez

Carlo Sanchez


Career Engagement Specialist

Building/Room: PAVL 110

My pronouns: he/him/his 

Undergraduate alma mater: Seattle University

Favorite place in the city: Lam’s Seafood Market in Little Saigon, it reminds me of home 

Hobbies and interests: K-Pop, I have been listening to K-Pop since 2010 (At the moment, my favorite groups are: TWICE, ITZY, aespa, Seventeen, NCT, Everglow, LOONA, Sam Kim), coffee, journaling (pens, planners, stickers!), Youtubers, Tiktok, and outfits 

First internship or job: Desk Assistant in Bellarmine Hall 

Best piece of career advice I received: Job interviews go both ways: They interview you, but you also interview them. Think: Are they a good team you would feel supported in? Do they practice a healthy work culture that will suit me? Do they have similar values with you? This advice gave me permission to acknowledge myself and the work that I have done.  

How I lead a life of purpose and impact: I ground myself in my ancestors and those that will come after me. When I think of purpose, I think of the phrase, “You are your ancestors' wildest dreams”. As a first-generation student in the United States, I think of my family’s difficult decision to leave the Philippines. I envision the process, the hardships, and the joys that came from, and continue to come from, living in the United States. I imagine how my life intersects with social justice, history, and movements before me, with me, and after me. Essentially, my life is purposeful because it is that of my own. 

My social justice area of focus: Asian and Asian-American social justice movements, particularly the liberation of the Philippines