Whether you’re an undergraduate student, graduate student, or alumni within one year of graduation, the Career Engagement Office invites you to come in for an individual appointment to help expand and/or refine your exploration. On this page, there are resources for internships, job search, and networking. There are opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

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Redhawk Landing’s mentoring and networking platform opens doors for students and alumni alike, connecting them to a powerful online resource where Seattle University's community members can build purposeful connections and mentoring.

  • Join a group
  • Seek a mentor or mentor a students
  • Share your expertise in a discussion
  • Connect with both students and alumni

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CareerShift's one-stop-shop platform allows students and alumni to search, store, and organize their job and internship searches and networking contacts. CareerShift offers the most comprehensive online resource designed to support the #1 request of job seekers: an easy-to-use website to conduct and organize their job search.

International alumni can use the H1-B Visa Sponsorship filter to view postings that indicate organizations’ willingness to sponsor visa holders.


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Lockin China is the largest global career development and recruitment platform specializing in supporting students and recent graduates to find employment in China. The platform is used by over 20,000 employers.