Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff

The Career Engagement Office (CEO) aims to partner with faculty and staff to promote students' professional formation. We are constantly developing "toolkits" which will easily allow you to integrate career development topics into your curriculum and/or facilitate an enriching student employment experience. If you or your department are looking to develop a program or event, we're available for individual consultation or can explore ways to co-create a new initiative for your students.

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Inviting a guest speaker from industry to your class

We can connect faculty with employers with whom we have built relationships or we can facilitate connections with employers you believe would value our students. We also recognize that faculty have many connections with employers already and, by connecting employers to us, we can integrate them into our career education and job-recruitment programs.

  • If you would like to discuss developing partnerships with employers for employer presentations in the classroom or internship opportunities, please contact Carol Lwali, Director of Career Engagement, at lwalic@seattleu.edu

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