Exploring an element of your identity as it relates to your unique career development journey is important. You might be here seeking support groups and resources to help you navigate through the reflective or actionable stages of transitioning to life after SU.  We have curated sample resources here, including the story below.

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Vets Are Out-Representing Non-Vets in STEM Jobs: Report

Here are local, national, and/or global links with brief descriptions on how and why you might be able to utilize them. Please keep in mind that these links are simply a sampling of potential resources.

LOCAL: Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA)

Visit WDVA for a comprehensive list of local resources and referrals for Veterans. The resources include, but are not limited to Counseling, Education, Housing Resources, Reentry Programs, etc.

NATIONAL: United States Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)  

The Veteran Affairs (VA) department provides various national program, resources and career opportunities.

GLOBAL: Veterans in Global Leadership (VGL)

VGL is a non-profit that seeks to train, mentor and empower student veterans to become global leaders. VGL is a 12-month leadership fellowship for student veterans. VGL believes in the power of veterans to fulfill vital leadership roles across all sectors.


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